And right there is “my” rub.  The “my” group that is free to be, that is spoiled and coddled and has every opportunity in the world because they live in a country where one has security and can afford to pick and choose what part of an ideology they like if it makes them feel good!

If something does not happen to you, does not effect you, then it’s someone else’s problem ……. “It’s tragic what’s happened to these women. But…” – Debbie Almontaser, American muslima – 3/25/12 (from our twitter exchange)

But what Debbie?  What about these “other” women? Three stories just from yesterday! H/T @ShariaCrimes   Acid attack  – H/T CounterJihadKnights  Another! Acid attack  –  10 yr old tortured to death

And tragically – this:

On Saturday, March 17, Fakhra Younus took her own life after enduring twelve years of physical and emotion pain because in 2000 her husband punished her for leaving him by dousing her in acid!

What about Fakhra Younus, Debbie?  You support the “MillionHijabMarch” – would it be so difficult to have you bring awareness to a million other muslima of the plight of women who don’t have the luxury of saying #MyIslamRespectsWomen?

Fakhra Younus takes her own life Coming Home  *  No Justice  * Angels of Mercy 


The Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference – April 29, 2012