America Loves Death On A Par With islam

“We love death more than you love life!”  We have heard it from every mouthpiece of islam alive.  And that is exactly the message the Obama administration has sent before and is sending now by apologizing and bowing to the demands of the death cult that is islam with regard to the koran burnings a few weeks ago.  We are but a breath away from total capatulation to the will of ‘allah.’

It behooves ‘we the people’ to ask ourselves if this is the epitaph we will allow our administration to write for this great country?

What does a Koran cost? You can get a full color one for the Kindle for only 99 cents, just don’t expect it to feature any pictures of old Mo. If you want to go deluxe, you can get a hardcover edition that runs three different translations side by side for around 40 bucks.

But if you want to be more practical about it, the price of a Koran is the lives of six American soldiers.

That butcher’s bill doesn’t count the soldiers who burned the Korans, who despite following procedure will be penalized on orders of the White House which thinks that punishing American soldiers will somehow satisfy the Koran fueled bloodlust of men who aren’t satisfied with their corpses.

Please, please read every word – The Price Of A Koran by Daniel Greenfield

The moment that the punishment (no matter how severe) of the five soldiers is revealed will be the moment the next wave of rage begins.  Shortly after, the body count of American soldiers, dead because of this incident, will increase.  The animals are planning their revenge even now.  Count on it.

From where I sit, I see nothing in islam that embraces any of the same values that the West shares be it animals or women or children or tombstones.  The picture below was taken last week.  Tis the season for dogfights in Afghanistan and there are several quotes from those salivating in the wings for the next round.  The incident in the video below also happened as a result of the POS book burning.  As I said – our values are worlds apart.

“We want the Afghan government to bring the people who did this to us. We will kill them ourselves.”

“Even if the people who did this are prosecuted. The anger will never, ever go away. It will always be stuck in my heart.”

“When we watch these dogs it’s a way of expressing our anger against the Americans. We think the Americans are being attacked.”

“We call the dogs who lose Americans. We are furious about the Korans.”

We Call The Dogs Who Lose Americans

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It is time for our allies to go home.  It is time to bring our sons and daughters home.  They are going to be needed here in a very short time.


Kira Ayn Davis‏ (Canadian btw) said the things “Our Leader” should have said…

And – instead the so-called leader of the free world apologized.
And – taking their marching orders from “the one” – others apologized and apologized and apologized.
And – our enemies did not apologize – they were emboldened.
And – the religion of peace, never, ever, one to “let a good crisis go to waste” (a nauseously familiar liberal phrase) came thru right on cue.
And – our troops, having burned a friggin book – died.
From – Daniel Greenfield Islam Uber Alles (islam above all else)
“The first law of human affairs is force. Before all other laws, the ballot box and appeals to reason, is that primal law that enforces submission through violence. Islam is a religion built on that first law, forcing everyone to choose whether they will be the oppressors or the oppressed, whether they will be a Muslim or a Dhimmi.”
“There is nothing that serves the first law so well as opponents who compromise or offer gestures of appeasement.”
“The cowardice of our leaders has elevated the Koran and its demented author above freedom of speech, above the rights of Americans and the lives of American soldiers.”
“The flag of Islam Uber Alles is flying over our cities, our governments and our foreign policy. Every time we submit, retreat and eagerly show the invaders how well we can cooperate with their demands, another flag flies in place of our own.”
And – I just pray the Kool-Aid drinkers have another Tiger Woods moment here real soon! Remember? We woke up one day and found Tiger was not the all American hero/athlete we thought he was. The MSM had hidden information on him for years – as they have done for one Barack Hussein Obama – as they have done in concealing the true threat of radical islam. It won’t be pretty, but neither will being methodically killed off without putting up a damn fight!
Folks – if I am reading this the way @VelvetHammer does – our military – those involved in the koran burnings in Afghanistan will be brought to trial – with the blessing of the President of the United States of America – in Afghanistan – under sharia law. It is time to pray. And it is time to WAKE UP AMERICA!


Kira’s video is at 690,116 views this morning – PLEASE keep it going!