Women Of The Ummah

I believe they are part of the answer –


I know they are part of the problem –


I mourn that they are the victims –

From “The Gates of Hell” – She refused a marriage proposal.


They will not go quietly into that good night –


The Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference – April 29, 2012


8 thoughts on “Women Of The Ummah

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  2. From Freedom in Spirit, born into a dogmatic man conceived society not of my choosing. Taken forcibly by demonizing men, bound, gagged, chained, enslaved, and cast into a dark cage. My hell ephemeral compared to the eternity they will endure who have stolen my time in this physical plane. For my will was given from On High, yet they who prop themselves up by brute force do so on their own accord making themselves to be gods on earth when they are indeed lower than the soil beneath shoes.

    • Like everyone else in this country I have wondered often why don’t they stand up and speak out against the radicals! After last weeks 9/11 no-show I am still stumped. Radicals aside, they are either the most cowed people on earth or more respectful than they have been painted.

      With all the attention they got leading up to last week, with the march being sanctioned by their leading mouth pieces, one would have expected at least thousands, but the specter of a million bikers was too much? Or, did they know they were being USED by a few of their own (with possibly some help from certain DC players) with an agenda they do not support!

      Thank you for reblogging the post. I have only revisited it a couple of times since writing it and now after Boston – which I am convinced was an ABC generated event – and all the other God damned mind games played on all of us – perhaps I will conclude there are more Nessrriinn’s in this country then THEY want us to believe.

    • A “Woman’s Lib” movement would shake the very foundations of the false ideology that spawns such horrors for innocent women. It would be a costly movement in terms of time expended and lives lost but there is an old saying, “Hell hath no fury to compare with a woman scorned.” Women are a formidable force when properly motivated and there is no greater motivator than the quest for personal freedom and a sense of dignity. The very future of world peace and stability may well depend on the willingness of these women to take a stand.

      • I wrote that very thing on several occasions – that it may all come down to the women. Truthfully – I have seen nothing to date.

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