Lets Call A Spade A Spade – islam is EVIL

We have spent five years posting thousands of videos full of hatred, full of violent scenes of death and slaughter and celebration of horrific atrocities – all brought to you by – “the religion of peace.”

Still – awareness of the pure evil that is committed in the name of islam is missing whatever component necessary to sear this knowledge into the consciousness of the free world.

A photo essay has been written by a man named Danny Jeffrey titled The Gates of Hell – h/t @1389.  If this writing and the photos don’t awaken the sleeping giant of the free world, then the time will be very short before we become the slaves of the slaves of islam.  He writes –

What I have learned of the cult of death called Islam, the so called “Religion of Peace,” has changed me forever. Since then I have viewed videos and photos of the vicious, barbarous acts that no human being  should ever see, mainly because the inhumanity found in those photos should not exist on the planet Earth.

The things that I have learned about Islam have given me a resolve to reveal to all that will look and listen, that this evil, which now lives among us is so appalling that it must be pushed back to the deserts of death from which it sprang.

If you are anything like me you have been trying to awaken your fellow human beings to the dangers we face from this tribal mentality that has cast a dark shadow over the world for fourteen hundred years.

Any who disbelieve that Islam is an incarnation of evil will have to accept the reality that we know to be true. If they can look at the following photos and walk away unscathed by the experience and still defend Islam then they are one of two things. Evil, or simply not worth saving.


There are fifty photos in this work.  They are extremely graphic!  If you read this piece, please, please, pass it along.  Time is short to stop this madness from becoming a part of our lives.

Enter now, “The Gates of Hell”


Never forget – innocent – and dead at the hands of islam.


6 thoughts on “Lets Call A Spade A Spade – islam is EVIL

  1. Great job, hard hitting to say the least, Islam is not a peaceful religion as so evident in your post. I have said it so many times, we in the blog world must continue to keep the pressure on. Obama, a closet Muslim, openly has said that Islam is a peaceful religion and that jihad is misunderstood???
    I re-posted your “Lets Call A Spade A Spade – islam is EVIL” on my site, for my readers to see such a powerful message, you were credited of course, again, thank you for keep this information at the forefront, this is where it belongs..

    I recently just changed my blog name from Texas Brady to The Right Handed Cowboy, (still at http;//texasbrady.com/) I have added you to my blogroll, I hope that you can do the same, if not I understand,

    Take care & God Bless

    • Huge, HUGE, thanks for reposting this piece – I hope many folks are going to and linking Danny Jeffrey’s very powerful essay. If what he said, showed, does not open eyes, nothing is going to short of disaster.
      Added you to my blog roll – it is an honor and thank you for asking. It reminded me I was “quite” far behind in updating it and I appreciate tremendously your adding this site to yours!

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  3. you guys your problem is you don’t have the original holy book given to Jesus(pbuh) that is injil, coz the bible is not in any way a holy book then all you can afford is talking and talking out ignorance coz your religiousless surely if not you your children will be muslims in the future and ask forgiveness on your behalve. thanks bro for ignorant comments.

    • Ibra – and you think the Koran is a holy book? Your prophet has made such fools of you, only the ignorant could believe in Allah, Mohammed and the Angel Gabriel. Besides – half your people are illiterate and your countries so backwards it is obvious that Islam has given you nothing but a warmongering Arab who has lead you all into the murky depths of fear, ignorance and suppression. Even your different sects are killing each other off as you can’t even agree who are real muslims and who are not.

      Why should we in the west bother with such barbaric nonsense such as spouted in an ancient and appalingly written epistle written by a narcissistic phsycopath who allegedly thought his disturbed mind heard the word of God. There is a word for people like that in this day and age when such mental conditions are recognised, schizophrenia being one that springs to mind. And anyone who follows Islam is equally as deluded?

      Islam has brought nothing of use to the world, you are totally brainwashed at birth and will remain at the bottom of the pile as long as you follow the utterings of a maniac whose preaching and warmongering was merely used to build a little empire at everyone else’s expense. And fools like you keep falling for this horrendous and inhumane drivel that is known as the Koran.

      So we should feel sorry for you who have no choice in life because your God demands you die if you even question it or have the intelligence to leave this death cult which is a military political ideology under the cover of a religion used to justify Mohammed’s meglomaniacal quest for power, women and wealth. And the Arabs fell for it, hook,line and sinker but the educated in today’s world can see it for what it is. Just like you have – what is your IQ – 0?

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