“How The West Is Fanning Islamic Extremism”

This article – “How The West Is Fanning Islamic Extremism” – at faithfreedom.org is a must read.  The author, Ali Sina, uses Hamza Kashgari (a Saudi columnist who may face death for sending three tweets) as an example of what happens when someone speaks their mind in countries dominated by the “religion of peace.”  There are dozens of quotes I could put here, better yet post the whole article, but I want to tie Google/YouTube into this discussion further down.

Muslim dissidents face dire consequences in Islamic countries. To a great extent the western media and the western governments are to be blamed. Not only they don’t condemn these human rights violations, they are often reticent to report them. This silence is interpreted as a green light by the governments in Islamic countries and a seal of approval.

There is nothing unwise in criticizing any religion. All religions are regularly criticized. Why Islam should be an exception?

Millions of people in Islamic countries live in constant fear. They are the ones who can bring moderation. Instead of protecting them and supporting them, the western media ignores them and in most cased cooperates with Islamic fundamentalists to shut them up. Critics of Islam are called “haters” and “Islamophobes.” Thus name calling is designed to silence the legitimate criticism of Islam and the result is more extremism.

There are millions of people like Kashgari in all Islamic countries. All they want is to be free. Isn’t this the basic human right? But they are denied freedom, not just by their oppressive governments, but also by westerners who think respecting a religion, no matter how egregious it may be, is more important than human rights and even human lives.

Only truth will set us free and truth is that killing people for having different views is barbarity. Is it not? Then why not say it? Why not denounce and ban a creed that promotes such barbarity?

There are many ways to promote and support radical islam.  Mr. Sina speaks here to silence on the part of western media and western government.  I want to point out, for the umpteenth time, that western organizations such as Google/YouTube play just as big a part by allowing their medium to be used by terrorist and terrorist supporters totally ignoring the law and certainly any ethical considerations.
The YouTube videos below are from some 1,000 produced when I did a simple search on “Mujahideen Operations.”  Please note, if one searches on just the word “Mujahideen” the results are some 9,000+ videos.  I chose these three because the user decided to add a bit of levity to a particularly ugly set of videos.  My hope is that @howie – @darthodius see this post and dispatch his crew of kafir to see that they are removed post haste.
“Those of us who can speak have the obligation to do so.”


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