Major Troy Gilbert – “Please, please, help us get him home.”

Major Troy Gilbert was shot down in Iraq in 2006.  His body was stolen from the wreckage and used as propaganda to show the “evil” America for what it is.

I could give a rats ass what the misinformed think about America.  Winning the hearts and minds of the ignorant (willful or not) and our enemies has proven to be a monumental task.  What I do care about is that the family of Major Gilbert know that the American people are grateful for what he willingly gave, in the service of humanity, and in the service of his country.  His life.

Folks, please spread this video as far and wide as possible.  It may be the only way we as individuals can help, but hopefully with momentum, somewhere along it’s travels it will reach the right hands and the Mother’s plea – “Please, please, help us get him home” – will be honored.


“For five years, five years, we have been waiting patiently.  Patiently waiting for the Air Force and every one over there to do their business and find our son.”

“I felt just like, after a hundred years of service this family has given to the United States Air Force, I feel like we have been tossed to the wind.”




Arlington National Cemetery Website – Troy Lee Gilbert Major, United States Air Force

Howie @ Jawa

Smackdown @ FreeRepublic

One of the propaganda videos STILL on YouTube


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