“Whew! Glad I’m not a hirabist!”

@luckycat76 followed this site @ twitter and said  – “Whew! Glad I’m not a hirabist!” – to which I can only reply – ME TOO & thank the Lord and pass the apple pie!  🙂  And speaking of hirabists –

The first video below is typical.  Can’t speak Arabic?  Not to worry.  The visual covers plenty you will recognize and so probably agree it is terrorist propaganda.  How it works – one wannabe terrorist (POS) uploads a video then other wannabe’s follow suit.  The identical copies by other POS asshats (am I repeating myself?) are posted here simply as url’s so you can click to view the user sites.  Always interesting folks, ALWAYS interesting.

The second video h/t creepingsharia, thus far only has two additional copies.  Well, that may not be true, I stopped looking at three.  It is what it is.  Terrorist videos (NOT free speech) uploaded and supported at YouTube in violation of State Department Executive Order #122570.

Today’s tweet in case anyone wants to spread the word –

World wants to know – is it irrational 2B upset with these videos? http://tinyurl.com/6oc4dub @luckycat76 #tcot #ocra #hhrs #islamophobia













That is all.  And that is ENOUGH!

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