‘They Say I Will Be Known As A Terrorist’

That “power” that is bigger than ourselves can be amusing at times.  Pretty insistant actually.  If there is a “message” it wants you to get, and you are so tied up in the daily drama that is just living (as many of us are) it can happen that we overlook an obvious message trying to register in our consciousness.  Sometimes we are given another chance as I was tonight via friend Flippin who was talking with Sa’id Omar Muhammad.



The video below I found and watched a week ago, made note to post it, then forgot.  It’s importance is two-fold.  First is that Sa’id Omar Muhammad, the gentleman who made the video, is doing what we have looked for so many times.  He is a Muslim standing up and saying NO to radical islam.  As important is his message – evil presents itself and then it is imperative that we make conscious choices (you know, that gift that started with the apple) as opposed to blindly accepting another’s vision for us.

Mr. Muhammad is a writer, a poet – his work at least in part is bringing awareness to child sexual abuse for which we can all be grateful….I am just glad he paused long enough to make this video.



“each one of us will stand individually before our God for his judgements”  Sa’id Omar Muhammad


2 thoughts on “‘They Say I Will Be Known As A Terrorist’

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