If YOU Do Not Want The Muslim Brotherhood FOLLOWING YOU – – –

Look at this screencap of a page under Muslim Brotherhood’s “Friends” – they are grabbing facebook comments and posting it at their facebook site.  The original story is here at GrumpyElder – The Muslim Brotherhood, facebook and you–yes you – but his screencap is hard to read so I am posting it here.  Please view below then read GrumpyElder’s post!  Names were blocked out by GrumpyElder to protect…….

1-7-12 UPDATE – I now have a 2nd screencap below.  Why?  It was capped just prior (8 views previously – look at the sidebar) to the first cap here.  The older one had the MB logo.  Significant?  Someone said “I took a look at the FB page and it doesn’t look like much is going on there anymore.”  Maybe not, but obviously “someone” is monitoring that site.  The logo didn’t just disappear by itself.  Just sayin here folks.




11 thoughts on “If YOU Do Not Want The Muslim Brotherhood FOLLOWING YOU – – –

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  2. Shortly afer we posted on this. the Brotherhood took their trademark- crossed sword & shield image off the site– it’s there in some of the earlier screen shots.. so it looks like we have their attention. keep the cards letters and tweets coming..

    • They can take their logo down but it does nothing to change who they are or the fact that they are spying on Americans no doubt with the assistance of FB.

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  4. I have contacted a lawyer after seeing my comments posted on their website because my profile is locked down and I even went to the extreme of blocking the Muslim Brotherhood’s facebook page from accessing my info and posts. It didn’t work. They are still phishing my comments and posting on their page. I will not sit quietly by. Rosa Parks did not sit quietly and neither shall I. I will pursue this until I get someone to respond and force FB and this organization to cease and desist or face a lawsuit.

    • …. this was already disproved yesterday. Type in ANYTHING you’ve posted ANYWHERE into the search bar and it will do the same thing.

      • For instance, if you’ve posted anything on FB that had to do with Christians, type Christians into the FB search bar, and it will show you under ‘ friends activity’ anything you’ve posted about Christians. It’s not the muslim brotherhood doing it, it’s the muslim brotherhood wikipedia on FB if anyone would pay attention, which does the same for anything, any group, and any keyword you’ve ever posted or shared on FB. PROVE ME WRONG if you don’t believe. BTW, good luck with that cease and desist order 😉

      • It was disproved back in January within a week of this being posted. Thank you for inserting the detail.

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  7. I find it very disturbing that you people are making false accusations and further more reporting lies as news. Might as well work for cnn, nbc, or…wait, do you? Let me guess this is an offshoot of some mainstream media network. Check your facts man. FaceBook, not the muslim brotherhood, FACEBOOK, documents every single thing you post and places it into categories depending on the topic. Don’t believe me? Try it. Anything you’ve posted or shared on FB recently, just go up to the search bar on FaceBook and type in the keyword of the headline, then when it pops up as a page, go to friend’s activity and behold in bewilderment how THAT PAGE is also tracking you!! Muwahahahahahaha. Epic fail guys, you suck. -.-

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