ShariUH 4 You – ShariUH 4 Me!

Pardon me if I seem just a little disrespectful of the great Sharia (“way” or “path”) law.  Somehow I can’t seem to wrap my head around why anyone of sound mind would adopt such an atrocity as a “way” of life.

Blasphemous views continue – one of my favorite pieces from Rent – “Today For You – Tomorrow For Me” –  Angel is tasked ($$$) by a poor woman who hadn’t slept in a year to make a neighbor’s yappy dog disappear.  Which he/she does.

What does this have to do with Sharia law you ask?  Absolutely nothing.  I came across the Rent piece today and after listening in absolute delight for the umpteenth time over many years I left the video and continued reading article after article of current events surrounding Islamism – and the tune that had become stuck in my head (Today for You/Tomorrow for Me) changed to – ShariUH For You – ShariUH For Me! all the while thinking how the hell do you get rid of the yappy DAWG Sharia!

Anyhooo, enjoy Angel.  Oh – wait – note – Angel is gay, and we all know what happens to gays under Sharia so just for the record for any hirabist trash that might come this way – lets be very clear – I got Angel’s back!



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