#AllAmericanMuslim and the Four Stages of Jihad


David Wood @ AnsweringMuslims  “Islam’s greatest ally in the west is ignorance. Jihadists can’t subjugate us thru physical force, so they are doing their best to subjugate our minds. The ultimate obstacle to global jihad then, is an informed population of free people.”

In his latest video David clearly maps out the four stages of jihad in islam.

Stage One: Stealth Jihad.

Stage Two: Defensive Jihad.

Stage Three: Offensive Jihad.

Four? Yes, four, ala the #AllAmericanMuslim. How many times has it been asked – where are the Muslim’s with regard to islamist terrorists? The answer is – going about their lives, heads in the sand – right where everyone else is who is not paying attention and educating themselves to the daily escalation of sharia law and the islamization of the west.


David Wood – “I think it is important to add a quick appendix on westernized Muslims. I’ve said in this video that Muslims in stage one are commanded to deceive non Muslims in order to keep us ignorant of islams violent goals. But if you present this information to your Muslim friends they are going to deny it. Now. Does this mean they are practicing taqiyah? No. When your Muslim friends tell you that Islam is a religion of peace, are they trying to trick you? Probably not.

Most Muslims in America have been influenced by western values more than they have been influenced by Islam. They may pray five times a day or fast during Ramadan but their knowledge of islam doesn’t get much deeper than that. They’ve read very little of what’s in their sources and they know practically nothing about what we’ve discussed in this video.

So chances are when your Muslim friends tell you that islam is peaceful they really believe it, no need to accuse them of lying. Sadly your westernized Muslim friends aren’t a source of islamic doctrine. islamic doctrine is grounded in the koran and the sunnah of mohammad and these sources are perfectly clear when it comes to jihad. So i think we need to add another stage to our three stages. Stage zero: The totally clueless about jihad stage.”


Despite all the criticism’s and controversy, I believe we will end up thanking #AllAmericanMuslim. It has begun. Conversations are beginning to be had. Solutions to be looked for. The time is now to #WakeUpAmerica – ALL America.





3 thoughts on “#AllAmericanMuslim and the Four Stages of Jihad

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  3. I agree, I think that a lot of Western Muslims believe the benefits of freedom. If they didn’t then they would go to a country that was governed by Islam. What better place to be than a government run by your religion, right?
    The problem is that Islam teaches that all governments and societies must be under Islam. With this in mind and the fact that America is acquiescing to the demand that Muslims have the right to live their religion at the cost of the rights of American citizens should be cause of concern.

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