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12/27/11 Posted byPatriotUSA – Bulletin Of Christian Persecution For November 28-December 27, 2011  –  This is the only post for today, the 28th of December. I refuse to cut this short or dilute it down.

 islam’s horrendous persecution of other religions must be shared so the world will come to it’s senses before it is too late. In many areas of the world it is way past too late. islam has already ruined many countries and millions of innocent lives have suffered needlessly because of islam and islamic sharia law.
If I am up to it after my dental adventure later this morning, I will get some other posts up. Just have to wait and see how it goes. I am NOT promising anything here but will do what I am able to if I can!


Political Islam:

November 28 – December 27, 2011
November 28, 2011 Nigeria Fulani Muslim herdsmen along with Muslim soldiers have killed at least  45 ethnic Berom Christians in Plateau state in the past week, Christians  in this northern-central Nigerian town said.

Smaller attacks beginning on Nov. 20, reportedly over allegations by  Fulani Muslims of cattle theft, preceded an attack on a Barkin Ladi  church on Nov. 23 that killed four Christians, and an assault the next  day left 35 Christians dead in Barkin Ladi and nearby Kwok village,  according to area Christian leaders.
Church attendance was decimated yesterday as thousands of Christians  have left the area. “Christians are fleeing the town because we have no  guns to fight back,” said one woman in a group of six Christians trying  to leave Barkin Ladi. “Muslims have guns, and they have their soldiers  fighting for them, so we have no choice but to leave town.”
Indonesia (hat tip to JihadWatch) Hundreds of hard-line Muslims rallied outside the Bogor City Hall on  Sunday to decry the “arrogance” of a beleaguered church in the city that  remains shuttered by authorities despite a Supreme Court order to open  it. The protesters, from Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia and the Indonesian  Muslim Communication Forum (Forkami), said they wanted to show that all  Muslims were united in opposition to the presence of the GKI Yasmin  Church in the city.
“We’re here to refute the arrogance of the church, which continues to  insist on setting up in the Taman Yasmin [housing complex],” said  Achmad Imam, the Forkami head in Bogor. The Bogor administration issued a  building permit for the church in 2006, but it revoked it two years  later, alleging the church had falsified the signatures required to  obtain it. The Supreme Court ruled in December 2010 that the closure was  unlawful and ordered its reopening, but the city administration  continues to ignore the ruling. More HERE.
November 29, 2011
Egypt With Islamist groups expected to do well in Egypt’s parliamentary  elections, many Coptic Christians are concerned that their limited  rights will come under greater threat. Coptic Christians do not have the  same rights as other people in the country, and that others look down  on them as if they are not human. Now, some Christians say, it can only  get worse. The elections that started this week are expected to favor  Islamist parties, including the conservative Salafis.
November 30, 2011
India Chander Mani Khanna, the Anglican clergyman from All Saints Church  arrested for baptised seven Muslims, will be released on bail, a court  in Sranigar, Kashmir, ruled this morning. The pastor’s son, Nathan,  said, “We are waiting for his arrival in Jammu. He is in custody but  safe, but not outside.” Sajan K George, president of the Global Council  of Indian Christians (GCIC), pleaded with the Kashmir government to  guarantee the pastor’s safety after his release. Rev Khanna has been in  prison since 19 November.
Egypt Thousands of Muslims attacked and besieged Copts in el Ghorayzat  village, population 80,000, killing two Copts and severely wounding  others, as well as looting and torching homes and businesses. A quarrel  between a Copt, John Hosni, and Mahmoud Abdel-Nazeer, who later died in  hospital, turned into collective punishment of all Copts in the majority  Christian village of elGhorayzat, in the Maragha district of Sohag  province. Muslims vowed not to bury Abdel-Nazeer until John Hosni is  punished. Mr. Hosni fled from the village with his family, “fearing a  wholesale massacre of Copts,” reported activist Mariam Ragy.
The events started on Monday, November 28, when John Hosni, a  building supplier, had a quarrel with his neighbor, Mahmoud Abdel-Nazeer  (48), over some steel rods and cement Mr. Hosni had left in the street  to use for erecting a wall around his house. This was perceived by Mr.  Abdel-Nazeer as extending the home into the street, which is public  property. “Instead of reporting this building transgression to the  police or local authorities, Abdel-Nazeer took the matter in his own  hands and brought some Salafists and torched the store and the home of  the Copt,” said an eyewitness.
In the altercation between the neighbors, Mr. Hosni hit Abdel-Nazeer  in the head with a wooden branch, which lead to his death later in  hospital.
Angry Muslims murdered two Christian brothers, Kamel Tamer Ibrahim  (55) and Kameel Tamer Ibrahim (50), in revenge. The brothers were not a  party to the altercation. Kamel Tamer, who was defending his shop from  looting, was murdered in front of his wife. His brother was also  murdered in front of his wife for defending his home (video of the  murdered Copts. WARNING: contains highly graphic content).
Three other Christians, Maher Samir Gota, his wife, and his brother  Osama Samir Gota, were severely injured and are in intensive care. They  were in their homes when their shop was broken into and looted by  Muslims. Maher and his wife were stabbed and Osama received a blow on  the head. The ambulance could not go to them to transport them to  hospital. He was privately transported by his friends. There were  reports of Muslims preventing the fire brigades from reaching the  burning homes. After killing the Copts, Muslims went on a rampage,  looting and burning Christian owned homes and businesses.
December 2, 2011
Iraq  (hat tip to JihadWatch) Photos of Christian-owned business that were destroyed by Muslims after their Friday prayers. A video of the violence is HERE.
December 5, 2011
Indonesia An Islamic extremist group in Pracimantoro, a town in the district of  Wonogiri, in central Java, has appealed to local government for the  demolition of five Protestant churches in the area. The alarm is  launched by Theophilus Bela, human rights activist and promoter of  interfaith dialogue, according to whom that the fundamentalists  complaint claims the Christian communities lack the building permits  (IMB) for places of worship. The tension in the area is steadily  increasing, and rumors of threats of demolition, circulating since  yesterday evening in a series of documents, is not contributing to  calming tempers. Previously, adds the Christian activist, extremist  threats have focused on nine other churches in Bekasi regency, West  Java.
Canada (hat tip to TheReligionOfPeace) A posh Montreal suburb has decided to remove a nativity scene and  menorah from town hall rather than acquiesce to demands from a Muslim  group to erect Islamic religious symbols.
The decision by the Town of Mount Royal upsets a Christian resident  who says the town is abandoning an established tradition under pressure  from a tiny religious minority.
December 6, 2011
A 25 year old Christian builder has been falsely accused of having  ripped and burned pages of the Koran by a Muslim known for his hatred  toward non-Muslims. The police registered the complaint despite the  intervention of religious leaders. Fanatic groups threaten to kill him.
December 7, 2011
Iraq (hat tip to TheReligionOfPeace) About 500,000 Christians remain in Iraq, down from an estimated 800,000  to 1.4 million in 2003, according to a report by Minority Rights Group  International, a research body. Persecution makes the Christian  community smaller each year, with churches as well as households being  targeted and causing worshippers to flee.
The Christmas holiday season has rarely been a happy one for  Christians in the Middle East, where they are often not allowed to raise  church buildings and house churches often experience raids and  harassment. Experts on the region say the Christmas season is a  particularly dangerous period for the Christian minority, when numerous  acts of violence and vandalism take place. The most recent of such attacks in Iraq occured on Dec. 2, when at  least 25 people, many of them Christian, were wounded in an attack  carried out by a group of Kurds in the Dohuk Governate in the north of  the country.
December 9, 2011
Iraq A rash of attacks on Christian-owned businesses in northern Iraq has  raised troubling questions about the future safety of the country’s  shrinking Christian community, particularly as U.S. forces withdraw  completely from the nation they’ve refereed since 2003. The attacks, which have received little international attention,  raged through northern cities following a sermon last Friday by a local  mullah. Video purportedly from the riots posted online shows mobs  burning and wrecking businesses, which included liquor stores, hotels  and hair salons.
December 11, 2011
Egypt Coptic Christians are anxiously watching a theological and political  battle between Muslim parties expected to win 60% of parliament seats.  The struggle will define an emerging political Islam.
“The Islamists have been unleashed,” says Nasri, a pharmacist hoping  to follow the lead of tens of thousands of Copts who have left Egypt  this year. “You’re talking about no rights for women. No rights for  Coptic Christians. They’ll make us more of a minority. It’ll be like  living centuries ago.”
December 12, 201
USA Raymond Ibrahim testified before the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission  in the House of Representatives, in a hearing presented by Reps. Frank  Wolf and James McDermott, titled “Under Threat: The Worsening Plight of  Egypt’s Coptic Christians.”
December 13, 2011
Ethiopia More than 500 Muslim students assisted by Muslim police burned down a  church in the village of Qoto Baloso, Ethiopia, on Nov. 29. The students  screamed “Allahu Akbar” as they set fire to St. Arsema Orthodox Church,  which was built on land used by the Christian community for more than  60 years. According to Inspector Mustefa Bashir of Silte Province, police had  already ruined the roof after a court ruled that the church was built  without a permit, but as for the razing of the church by students, we  are investigating to determine those responsible.
December 14, 2011
Iraq (hat tip to JihadWatch) A number of gunmen shot and killed a Christian couple as they were  walking towards their car on Tuesday night in the restive city of Mosul.  Adnan Elia, 34 an owner of jewelry shop, and his wife Raghad, 25 were  walking to their car in the Tammuz 17 neighborhood as assailants shot  the two who died instantly on the scene. Their two children were hurt  but are still alive. On Wednesday morning, the scene was sealed by the  security force and the bodies were taken to the forensic department.
The incident comes as the chief of police of the Nineveh province  told journalist this week that his department has received information  on a plot against the Christian minority in Mosul during the upcoming  Christmas and New Year holidays.
December 15, 2011
Vandals decapitated the statue of the Virgin Mary in a small grotto in  Sendag Prawito, Tawangmangu, Semarang Archdiocese (Central Java). A  cross was stolen and the aspersorium was badly damaged. “This brutal  action has strongly affected the Catholic community,” Mgr Johannes  Pujasumarta, archbishop of Semarang, told AsiaNews.
Egypt (hat tip to AtlasShrugs) Two weeks after the murder of two Christian brothers by Muslims during  the violence that swept the upper Egyptian village of elGhorayzat, the  family of the murdered Christians has temporarily come out of hiding to  speak of the terror they have been subjected to and decry the impunity  enjoyed by the killers, who are walking freely in the village. On November 28, the two Christian brothers, Kamel Tamer Abraham (55)  and Camille Tamer Abraham (50), were killed in revenge for the death of  the Muslim Mohamad Abdel-Nazeer, who was injured during an altercation  with a village Christian over the building of a fence round the  Christian’s house, and who later died in hospital. The Christian man  fled from the village with his family. Mahmoud Abdel-Nazeer, the brother of the dead Muslim, and a mob of  Muslims, vowed to avenge his death from all village Copts. They went on a  rampage, looting and burning Christian owned homes and businesses, and  resulted in the murder of the two brothers and injury to several other  Christians not involved in the altercation.
December 16, 2011
Nigeria (hat tip to JihadWatch) Fliers threatening bombings of churches and other areas have been posted  in the Nigerian city of Jos, where Christmas Eve 2010 attacks and  reprisals killed dozens, authorities said Friday. A number of fliers  were found on the ground in the city, which has long been hit by waves  of clashes between Christian and Muslim ethnic groups that have left  thousands dead. The pamphlet signed by someone named Idris Musa and written in poor  English listed some 21 targets in the planned attacks. “We entire Muslim  of Plateau State will never give up until we have our right … Nothing  can stop us from bombing these areas before December 26, 2011,” said the  flier seen by AFP.
December 17, 2011
Saudi security forces arrested 42 Ethiopian Christians at an evening  prayer gathering in Jedda. Those who attended the service were beaten  and threatened with death before being arrested and thrown in jail. Update HERE.
December 18, 2011
Kurdistan (hat tip to JihadWatch) Fahmi Yusef Mansour is the owner of Iraq’s biggest beer supply in the  village of Seji near Duhok city in Iraqi Kurdistan. Mansour’s beer  storage was stormed and torched by an angry mob during the riots in the  province earlier this month. Following Friday sermons people in the cit  of Zakho attacked liquor stores, massage parlors and hotels. Mansour, a Christian, said he had received messages threatening to  burn down his business. He said he had informed the local mayor and  security officials about the threats, but was reassured that nothing  would happen. He was in Dohuk the day his store was attacked. He rushed  back and tried to protect his business with the help of some relatives  carrying guns. According to Mansour around 2,000 people, the majority of  them teenagers had attacked his beer storage. Mansour believes some school teachers are responsible for instigating  the young people against Christians. “Many teachers encourage student  to oppose Christians and their places of worship,” he said, adding that a  number of teenage students had thrown stones at the local church. Two  students detained by the security forces have allegedly confessed that  their teacher had incited them to attack the church.
December 20, 2011
Pakistan It will be another Christmas in jail, away from her loved ones, for Asia  Bibi, the Christian mother of five children, locked in the women’s  prison Sheikpura (Punjab), sentenced to death by the ” black law”  pending appeal, still awaiting for the High Court of Lahore to set a  date. Yesterday a delegation of the International Masihi Foundation, an NGO  that deals with the legal protection of women, visited her to exchange  greetings on the eve of the festive season. And for the first time since  the assassination of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer, who was killed by  his bodyguard in January last year, Asia has found herself before a  large group of people so far, in fact, she could only speak with her  husband and the lawyer during the weekly interview with relatives. In her isolation cell, looking tired and aged, beyond her 46 years,  fragile and very weak, she can barely stand up. Entering the room  reserved for meetings escorted by two guards, she appears confused and  her eyes run from right to left for the duration of the meeting, about 2  hours and 20 minutes, with alternating emotions ranging from tears to  laughter, as well as long periods of silence.” More HERE. Read an update interview with Asia Bibi by Pam Geller in American Thinker HERE
December 22, 2011
Pakistan (hat tip to TheReligionOfPeace) In Kasur City, one more Christian Irfan Masih was falsely accused under  the Blasphemy Law. The Muslims caught him and they attacked him with  knifes and almost killed him, however due to the intervention of the  local police they stopped.
Iraq (hat tip to AtlasShrugs) Chaldean Catholic officials have canceled traditional Christmas Eve midnight Masses because of security risks. Chaldean Archbishop Louis Sako of Kirkuk in northern Iraq told the  agency Aid to the Church in Need that Christians will spend Christmas in  “great fear” because of the risk of new attacks. All services and  Masses have been scheduled for daylight hours, he said in an interview  with Rome-based AsiaNews. “Midnight Christmas Mass has been canceled in Baghdad, Mosul and  Kirkuk as a consequence of the never-ending assassinations of  Christians,” he said, citing the Oct. 31, 2010, attack on the Syrian  Catholic cathedral that left 57 people dead in the Iraqi capital.
December 23, 2011
Bethlehem  (hat tip to AtlasShrugs) When the Latin patriarch came to Gaza’s Holy Family church to celebrate  Christmas mass last week, he instructed a full house of Catholic and  Orthodox families to pray for reconciliation. As the archbishop, Fouad  Twal, stood at the lectern in Gaza City, Fatah and Hamas leaders were  meeting in Cairo attempting to mend differences that have divided the  Palestinian factions for four years and rendered Gaza a besieged  Islamist enclave. Of the 1.5 million Palestinians now living in the Gaza Strip, fewer  than 1,400 are Christian and those who can are leaving. The church hopes  reconciliation will bring them back. There hasn’t been a Christmas tree in Gaza City’s main square since  Hamas pushed the Palestinian Authority out of Gaza in 2007 and Christmas  is no longer a public holiday. Imad Jelda is an Orthodox Christian who  runs a youth training centre in Gaza City. With unemployment hovering at  23%, he has seen young Christian men leave to study and work abroad in  their droves. “People here do not celebrate Christmas anymore because  they are nervous,” Jelda said. “The youth in particular have a fear  inside themselves.”
December 24, 2011
Nigeria (hat tip to TheReligionofPeace) Local Islamists and Muslim Fulani herdsmen attacked a Christian  community in Kaduna state on Monday (Dec. 19), killing five people and  wounding six, area sources said, just nine days after a deadly attack on  a Christian community in Kukum Gida in the same local government area.
The Muslim assailants, brandishing firearms and machetes, attacked  Christians in Ungwan Rami village of Kaura Local Government Area at 10  p.m. in a manner consistent with other religiously motivated assaults in  the state, which saw Christians killed last month as well, the sources  said.
December 25, 2011
Nigeria Terror attacks targeted at Christians, including two bombs at church  services, have killed at least 40 across Nigeria. A radical Muslim sect  claimed responsibility for five attacks which struck the nation’s  north-east today. Most of the victims died on the steps of a Roman  Catholic church after celebrating Christmas Mass. The Christmas Day attacks show the growing national ambition of the  sect known as Boko Haram, which is thought to be responsible for 504  killings this year alone. The sect, which aims to impose sharia law  across the country, claimed responsibility for the three church bombs,  the second Christmas in a row the group has caused mass carnage with  deadly bombings of churches.
Read more HERE and HERE. Update HERE and HERE.
Uganda (hat tip to The ReligionofPeace) As many Ugandans celebrate Christmas, Pastor Umar Mulinde of Gospel Life  Church, Namasuba was lying in pain following an acid attack by unknown  person last night. The unfortunate incident happened at mid-night, after  Pastor Mulinde led his congregation into night prayers that ushered in  Christmas. Witness says that after the attacker poured acid onto the pastor’s  face he took off before he could be recognized. Mulinde fall down and  started shouting calling for help from his followers who rushed him to  Mengo hospital. “The pastor conducted prayers in joyful mood and even asked Christian  to repent for their sins. But all of sudden after the prayers when the  pastor was leaving the church somebody came and attacked him with acid,”  a witness said. Umar is a graduate of Islamic propagation and a sheikh who grew up in  a staunch Muslim family where his father was the local Imam. He heard  the Gospel clearly explained in relation to his religion at an outdoor  meeting when he was a university student.
Iran A senior evangelical pastor and his wife are spending Christmas behind  bars in southern Iran after security forces raided their Assemblies of  God-affiliated church, detaining everyone in the building, including  children attending Sunday School, a friend of the couple told  BosNewsLife.
“Pastor Farhad Sabokrouh and his wife Shahnaz were among those  detained in the southern town of Ahwaz Friday morning, [December 23]  while they were having Christmas celebrations”, explained their friend,  Firouz Khandjani, early Sunday, December 25.
He said security forces pushed dozens of worshipers, including  children, into two buses and brought them to a local police station.  Most were eventually released, “but the pastor and his wife remain in  jail,” Khandjani explained.
December 26, 2011
Indonesia (hat tip to TheReligionofPeace) The congregation of the embattled GKI Yasmin church in Bogor was forced  to move its Christmas prayers to a member’s house after Islamic groups  assembled at the disputed site and threatened to challenge the sermon on  Sunday. The service was slated to start at 9 a.m. in the sealed church on  Jalan Abdullah bin Nuh, but the congregants went elsewhere after members  of the Indonesian Muslim Communication Forum (Forkami), the Islamic  Reform Movement (Garis) and the Bogor Muslim Community (KMB) objected to  that plan. The opposition protestors came to the church in the morning  and shouted to guarding police officers and members of the public order  agency (Satpol PP) to expel the congregation. “On December 23, they were given a letter stating that they are  banned from holding a prayer here. The letter clearly mentioned they  can’t hold the service,” Forkami head Ahmad Iman said. Garis head Majudien threatened to deploy his members to the location  in a mass Muslim gathering known as tabligh akbar should the Yasmin  congregation insist on holding the service there.
December 27, 2011
Pakistan A Christian man who spent more than three years in a Pakistani jail on  “false charges of blasphemy against Islam” was hiding with his family in  Pakistan’s Punjab province Tuesday, December 27, after police briefly  detained him again, a friend and human rights official told BosNewsLife.
Pakistan Those who murdered Minority Affairs Minister Shahbaz Bhatti, a Catholic,  belong to Sipah-e-Sahaba, a Muslim terrorist organisation, Interior  Minister Rehman Malik said during a Christmas event at Islamabad’s  Fatima Church. In cooperation with Interpol, Pakistani authorities are  making all possible efforts to bring them back to Pakistan after they  fled to Dubai. Paul Bhatti, brother of the slain minister and national  harmony advisor to the prime minister, praised the Interior minister’s  statement. “Rehman Malik`s statement will bring an end to the rumours that have been surfacing regarding Shahbaz Bhatti`s murder,” he said.

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