Twitter Has Nothing To Worry About

There are approximately 400 posts here documenting Google/YouTube’s support of terrorism and their lack of doing a damn thing about cleaning up their mess even after Joe Lieberman spanked their hands – two whole times.  Once in 2008 and once in 2011.

This latest article from The Telegraph – Congress Calls On Twitter To Block Taliban – is an absolute joke –

“Leslie Phillips, a spokesman for the senate homeland security committee, said: “Senator   Lieberman’s efforts to eliminate violent Islamist extremism propaganda from   the internet and social media has been a campaign of persuasion.”

For those of you who don’t understand “campaign of persuasion” it is a campaign alright – a campaign to persuade seriously gullible media that something serious is being done.

It’s sickening.  It didn’t take long for Twitter to manged to find their loophole –

“Twitter is reported to be rejecting the move after pointing out that unlike al-Qaeda, the Taliban movement is not registered by the State Department as a foreign terrorist organisation.”

Silicon Valley just does not live in the same world you and I live in folks.  Nor does Joe Lieberman for that matter but I’m speaking here at the moment of Google & Twitter.  A quote from Google’s Eric Schmidt –

“We live in a bubble, and I don’t mean a tech bubble or a valuation bubble.  I mean a bubble as in our own little world, and what a world it is:  Companies can’t hire people fast enough.  Young people can work hard and make a fortune.  Homes hold their value.  Occupy Wall Street isn’t really something that comes up in a daily discussion, because their issues are not our daily reality.”

Obviously neither is terrorism Mr. Schmidt.

UpDate 12/27/2011 pm – This from @Blazingcatfur: Obama Government Removes Taliban Bastard Mullah Omar From FBI’s Terrorist List


2 thoughts on “Twitter Has Nothing To Worry About

  1. We only have to look at islam and the last 1400 years of violent, islamic, muslim history to see that islam IS THE PROBLEM.

    The ONLY solution is for islam to eliminated once and for all. This will not happen fast nor will be it be pain free or blood spilled free. This past Christmas day was another reminder that islam will only be defeated by an all out and total war against islam. Millions more will die at the hands of islam, the most violent, perverted btrainwashing cult humanity has ever tried to live with.

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