I Have No Gold – But I Do Know A Genius!

Around the water cooler on Thursday John asked had we been reading about the surrounding mountains to be closed to traffic in the event that our government declared martial law?  “Preppers” prepping for the chaos of economic failure and government takeover.  He said – no one will be able to escape to the mountains.  Those already there will lock and load – and there will be no further entrance allowed.

Yes, this post is completely unrelated to the majority of this site, but it is about a problem that has been bugging me for months and maybe you too, so I’m willing to risk anyone calling me an alarmist in order to pass one little idea on to you.

Spouse and I have on several occasions discussed should we prepare (doom/gloom/boom) by cashing out what little savings we have in the bank, and stash it under a pillow.  The conclusion is that it would be a waste of time.  The dollar would become so devalued as to be of no use at all.

We listen to talk shows that advertise buying gold.  Gold is above our pay grade but even if it wasn’t, and even if government didn’t confiscate it, how does a person cash in a gold brick?  And where would one store it?  Not in a bank box that’s for sure.  If the worst happens government will close the banks and take what they please.  Make a trip to Lowes (definitely Lowes) and buy some thick PVC pipe and bury it in the back yard where a metal detector couldn’t find it?  Ok, fine, but still again, it would be a little hard to try to trade or barter holding a lump of gold!  There are those much smarter than me who would know how to travel that road but truly it is just not one of our choices.

Back at the water cooler.  Forest, another co-worker, popped in on the conversation and that is when I knew there was at least one other alternative to the cash/gold dilemma.  With a face serious as a heart attack he said – “I have this idea that if we are faced with martial law, I’m going to take $20,000.00 and go to the liquor store and load myself up on whisky and cigarettes!”

Seconds after I started laughing it hit me like a brick of gold.  Genius.  Pure genius!  There – is – virtually – nothing – that – couldn’t – be – bartered – for – with – whisky and cigs!

Just an idea folks, just an idea.  Oh yeah, and Canucks to substitute appropriate “brand” of smoke, of course!  🙂


How about something a little lighter now after that downer of a subject?  Kind of an old classic believe it or not!


6 thoughts on “I Have No Gold – But I Do Know A Genius!

  1. I would suggest moving to Chile. We will do so if our health improves enough to warrant taking the risk. If Romney becomes the GOP nominee, we may leave no matter what.

    • Agree. The prospect of having to fight tooth and nail for the next four years – one “supposedly” of our own – is not to my liking either!

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  4. Gold bricks would be a pain to try and barter.. Whiskey and Smokes are a lot easier to trade but harder to carry, and conceal.. Among other things I’ve got a machine that packs the tobacco into factory made cigarette tubes. they come out like a factory made product. I can stash each component separately .

    This makes about the 3rd time today I’ve changed my mind about having posted enough for the day, Any more and I’ll have to expand the list of daily posts, but some posts are too good not to reblog http://grumpyelder.com/?p=10718 I’m afraid I was out of space in the top two columns, so for now you’re at the top of the General Column

    • I see what you mean about Whisky….maybe we will have to stock up on “travel” size containers or even the miniature water bottles. Where there’s a will……

      Reference reposting this post – can you believe we are even having to have these conversations? Blows my mind. And – bless you!

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