Islamist Pornography @ YouTube

A line in a poem of an islamist nasheed.  “We are here, so that we may be beheaded for your glory!”

One definition of pornography via Webster’s – the depiction of acts in a sensational manner so as to arouse a quick intense emotional reaction <the pornography of violence>

Thanks to Google/YouTube there are thousands of terrorism advocating videos available to “arouse” islamists everywhere.

Someone will flag and remove the few video examples below but it’s a waste of time.  The ONLY entity capable of removing en masse the videos that champion  death and distruction in the name of allah, is – Google/YouTube.


What is available en masse you ask? Click these user links. They are but a very small fraction on YouTube thanks to the illegal and immoral position of Google.  Where are you @joelieberman?


ShariahforAustralia  JamatAnsarAlSunnah2  0samangan0  shariah4mankind  HellscreamReturn  AlRamy3TheArcher  0DawlatIraqIslamiya0  0DawlatIraqIslamiya1  0DawlatIraqIslamiya2  0DawlatIraqIslamiya3    0DawlatIraqIslamiya4 0DawlatIraqIslamiya5  0DawlatIraqIslamiya6  0DawlatIraqIslamiya7 0DawlatIraqIslamiya8  0DawlatIraqIslamiya9  DawlatIraqIslamiyah 1DawlatIraqIslamiya0 DawlatIraqIslamiya1 1DawlatIraqIslamiya2  1DawlatIraqIslamiya3 1DawlatIraqIslamiya4 superdujana2  Ansar3raq  AzzamAlamriki1  Death4ALLAH  EmirateMujahideen  EngineerMujahid  FurasaniNasheed  hisbulislam  JihadNasheeds2011 MABaig1989  mujahideen321  nam5538  OmarAllawi1  saifalummah  Oaltira1  AzzamAlamriki1  shamsasaqib zEe20338 sniperbaghdad2003   TABUKMUJAH tempo1163 thegreatallahmalikul dunyaisonlyfoolsgold

THIS is the pornography of violence –




As always – THANK YOU Flippin!

h/t @ShuraAlMujahid


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