Google/YouTube’s Latest Treachery

Are ya listenin @JoeLieberman?

So YouTube suspends a user such as Ohubbustruggle1  (123 videos) for repeated violation of YT community guidelines (which don’t really apply to islamists).  Nice!

No.  Not so nice because G/YT has left up about twenty-five of Ohubbustruggle1’s terrorist videos which are still available for viewing and uploading!!!  A new form of Google/YouTube treachery?  It remains to be seen but nothing surprises us any more from this crowd.

Compliments of StarCMC

A few of Ohubbustruggle1’s videos – and a suggestion.  Joe – while your at it (whatever “it” is) may we propose that you make sure that the blogger filtering Google does is more effective than the below!


One thought on “Google/YouTube’s Latest Treachery

  1. Hey I reported every one of these videos listed above (the ones that were still up, which was all of them but 2) using the reason that it ‘promotes terrorism’.

    I haven’t gone through your entire blog yet, but I wonder if you have the story on here about how Google was taken before congress because of terrorists and terrorist wannabe’s making contact with each other after watching these terrorist recruitment videos on YouTube?? Some americans were arrested on their way to Pakistan, after having met some Paki shitbags while viewing their terror video, and they were on their way to a terrorist training camp.

    So Congress says ‘youtube you gotta screen these videos’ and Google says ‘OH MUH GAWD, LIKE, how? We get so MANY! Like, way to many (bullshit) to preview them. We get a whole 48 hours worth of video every single OWer! So to compromise, we’ll add a button for people to press if they think it promotes terrorism, awkay?’

    SUCH A LIE AND SUCH BULLSHIT !!! I made a video called “Woman in Islam” and uploaded it to my channel. Marked private. WITHIN 2 HOURS IT WAS REMOVED & i had a community strike. The video did have some pretty harsh imagery on it, and they said ‘this is not a ‘shock video’ community, etc.’ How did my video get pegged and removed within TWO HOURS of uploading. As rich as they are, can’t they afford to hire someone who can read and understand arabic in order to detect and weed out recruitment videos ???

    By leaving it up to VIEWERS, then who will report them? I DON’T speak arabic, and none of my friends do either. Most people who speak arabic will NEVER report the videos. Many of these have been up for no less than 2 fucking years !!

    I would like to find out, who in congress headed that investigation and questioning, and send them information on how youtube’s compromise is NOT working, not at all.

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