“Infiltrate This!”

One would think @joelieberman might be interested in this post but ya never know – From StarCMC

The morons over at  Shura al Mujahideen fee Junubu Afarika (South Africa) are all a-twitter over their “brother” Jose’s arrest on terrorism charges and the implications it might — and should — have for muslims “speaking the truth” on social networking forums.  Of course the well-documented transgressions committed by poor ol’ Jose are all false.   *insert ginormous eye roll here.*  Of COURSE they are always innocent!  LOL!

As a result they are looking to “infiltrate” and “keep an eye on” anyone who is countering their BS – specifically mentioning Internet Hagannah and Operation YouTube Smackdown.

When they gather information on the supporters of the mujahideen, be it about their youtube channels and friends, blogger profiles and blogs or their facebook accounts, they share it among themselves by posting it on their forum (forum.internet-haganah.com). If any brother or sister is to come across this, make sure that you inform those who are being spied on so they may delete their accounts and start up new ones or at least so they may be more cautious.

Oh nooooooes!  They are gonna watch us!  Run for the hills!  Hey boneheads – if we didn’t want you to see it, you wouldn’t know it was there — just sayin’!

Funny that they are all worried about the implications of the arrest.  Probably because they are guilty of promoting terrorism at their site as well.  And who do you think helps them out?  Yep!  You got it!  Google/YouTube.  Their blog is on Blogger — the free Google blogsite.

And their videos, linked and embedded at their Blogger site are hosted, of course, at YouTube.  Here’s a connect-the-dots series of screen caps so you can see for yourself.  Clicking this link on their sidebar:

Will take you here:

Not surprisingly, it’s a video hosted at none other that YouTube.

And yes – you can see on the statistics for the video that it was unloaded on 11/26/11 and embedded on 11/28/11.

You can also see the search topics by which people using YouTube found the video — which means that presumably YouTube/Google should be able to use their own search filters to find it as well.  And if they were truly serious about removing terrorist videos from YouTube, they would.  The hypocrisy is stunning! Google really needs to change their slogan.


3 thoughts on ““Infiltrate This!”

  1. heh,
    Now you’ve done it. You have pissed off the mussies again!!!
    What are we going to do with you??? Clone you and your nefarious site that
    seems to drive certain mussies crazy?

    Must mean you are doing something RIGHT if they are going to be watching us.
    Of course we would not want to upset Google YT and blogger now, would we, Heh heh.

    Better get real good at htis because you are gonna help me move my site off of there soon, I hope, soon.

    • Like – I am supposed to spend hours with a one armed bandit or something? LOL, you seem to have mastered pretty well left hand typing (or is A.J. lending a helping paw?) so I have this weekend mostly free. Just let me know.
      Re the snoop-dawg clown in the post – I hope he is watching, actually hope he comes for a visit – I have a mote around my home now – filled with pig grease. Oink!

  2. Hey PatriotUSA – like I said in the post – if we didn’t want them seeing our sites they wouldn’t know they are there. 🙂 They think they know so much – cracks me up!!

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