Hey Joe (Lieberman)! You Gettin All This?

“Most religions let their track record of not recently killing people speak for itself.  But when your track record makes Nazis enviously lick their lips, then you have to rebuild a positive brand.”  SultanKnish/Daniel Greenfield

SadaEJihad with (90) videos made his entrance at YouTube last June.

He was suspended in August, and returned again in August as SadaaEJihad.  No surprise there!

From his bio – “This Channel Is Dedicated From The Core Of My Heart To The Dauntless Fighters, Shuhadaa And Prisoners of Islam…!!! Who have Taught Me By their Practice That to Sacrifice Their Lives In The Cause of Allah Is Much Easier And Even Tastier Than All The Delicacies Of The World  …  Brave Followers Of Islam!!!  Hold Swords And Kalashinkovs In Your Hands To Bring The Peace Back On The Earth And To Raise The Flag of Islam All Over The World…”

This time he’s smart.  He has no videos of his own so he can’t (he thinks) be suspended.  Instead he has videos all over partner sites.  I’m going to admit I have no idea what these videos say – I’m kind of arabic deficient – however, the screencaps below taken from the videos don’t leave much to the imagination.

SadaEJihad (90) suspended  – Partners: SadaaEJihad (0)  –  noorecahar1 (258)  –  UgerWadi (868)  –  RangoNoorChannel (4)  –  SadaEJihadTaranay (48)  –  UrduTaranay (0)  – SadeEJihadBayanat (36)  – pakiiijwan (41)  – shamsasaqib (18)  – sadaejihadi1 (10)




You gettin all this @joelieberman ???  Just checkin.


One thought on “Hey Joe (Lieberman)! You Gettin All This?

  1. phhfffft we know it says something shitty – let’s just start reporting them as promoting terrorism, and see what youtube does. I doubt they even have hired anybody who does know arabic to screen that crap out, and it is obvious just from the imagery what the video is all about. Terrorism and jihad.

    I am VERY happy that I have found your blog here, as it has been very difficult for me to find very many islamic jihadi videos, and I do report as many as I can find.

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