“Islamophobia is Patriotism”

Tolerant No More” is a new CJ blogger.� Yeah.� He’s one of THOSE – no longer willing to keep quiet about islamism barreling down the tracks with full intention of destroying everyting in it’s path that does not bow down to it’s cult of death.  His twitter ID – @JeffGoneViral

From Tolerant No More

New Home Same Mission My first post from Tolerant No More which is still active. Still applicable and a better understanding for those visiting for the first time.First, let me say I’m not anti-Muslim. I’m anti-Islam. It’s not a thing of hate, but the ability to analyze the situation and the facts before me. Through a deeper understanding of Islamic history and the Qur’an, combined with the situation of world I can determine the true intentions of what Muslims call: “The Religion of Peace”. I do not by any means consider myself an expert in Islam. I can however, read and research. What I discover on a daily basis, is horrific, vile, disgusting and not in line with what many Imams and Islamic groups in America try to say about Islam (and that alone is a subject I will cover in time). I’m a fairly black and white individual. What the Qur’an says combined with the actions of it’s followers speak for itself. Some people argue that there are peaceful Muslims. I simply don’t know, and frankly, don’t care. It is hard for me to trust ANYONE who follows a religion that permits lying to non-believers to “smooth out differences”. That alone is a serious integrity breach and the Qur’an permits it. Which begs the question. If Islam permits lying, why does the United States pander and capitulate to Muslims on a daily basis. Simply stated, lack of knowledge. Through guilt trip and a general lack of knowledge, the mainstream media and progressive groups have successful fooled the American public away from what I believe are the true intentions of Muslims. If Americans knew the truth they would no longer be tolerant. As Americans we have the right AND responsibility to question what may be a threat to our way of life. Islamophobia is Patriotism.

via New Home Same Mission.

via “Islamophobia is Patriotism”.

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