Joe and Larry Tackle Terrorism. Again.

Another letter from Joe Lieberman to Larry Page at Google this week with reference to terrorists enjoying free rein on Google sites will produce the same old song we’ve heard before and it will produce the same old dance we’ve danced before.  The media will give both their day in the sun so we “private sector” simpletons who “play an important role” will be convinced they are going to make this world a better place, then we will see history repeat itself once again.  There will be no significant changes by Google to reduce the footprint of terrorism on their sites but Lieberman will sleep soundly having done his duty to chastise the uncontrollable child.

Just for the record @joelieberman – there is NOTHING about what we have been doing for going on five years that we consider “play.”

Lieberman’s praise – “I continue to appreciate and commend these important first steps” – of Google’s efforts is unfounded.  A very quick (because there is nothing we have said or ever will say that will make a difference to either and it is wasted time and energy to anyone other than ourselves and our readers) review of facts –

This post dated 12/3/10 documented the number of hits at YouTube when searching the following words:  Awlaki (5,690), Mujahideen (11,400), Taliban (117,000).  Click those exact links in the 12/3 post and the results today are – Awlaki (7,640), Mujahideen (11,800), Taliban (160,000).  Just facts “gentlemen.”

“first steps” – mind-blowing.  Continuing…

One letter every three and a half years does not define “consistency” Senator.  The new letter will be just as ineffective as the one dated 2008.  How about this novel idea!  How about threatening Google within an inch of existence with laws that have been on the books since shortly after the World Trade Center was leveled and nearly 3,000 people died.  Most likely you helped write those laws Senator but if you need a refresher, let me help – please see U. S. Department of State Executive Order 13224 dated September 23, 2001.

Enough said.


One thought on “Joe and Larry Tackle Terrorism. Again.

  1. Weak, limp and an impotent senator. Joe leaves much to be desired as does this administration of islamists and politically correct ass wipes from the first muslim illegal alien potus all the way down through his corrupt and perverted minions.

    obama should be pleased how egypt is now in a death spiral which will allow the muslim brotherhood to sweep into complete and total power. Israel had better get those nukes all zeroed in and ready to hit every mussie capital it can and should target.

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