JihadPrincess Seems To Be In Hiding

Most likely she is looking for her passport.

From the NYDailyNews  “Jose Pimentel blogged about his debt to ‘JihadPrincess’.  Bomb plot suspect Jose Pimentel wrote on his blog that he was “indebted” to a woman with the Internet handle Jihad Princess – who was tossed off YouTube for her incendiary videos.” 

This is only partially correct.  This accounthttp://www.youtube.com/user/JihadPrincess – was suspended, as was this http://www.youtube.com/user/JihadPrincessChannelhowever her most recent accounthttp://www.youtube.com/user/JihadPrincessYT – was active yesterday, but now it reads that “User Closed Their Account.”

Gee.  I wonder why?  Note please, Jihad Princess is NOT to be confused with Jihad Jane.  One is in prison, one is not.

One of her websites active still – at least one hour ago – is this account which I am sure is causing here huge pain to delete – it has what is probably years of her artwork, including terrorist artwork there – http://jihadprincess.deviantart.com/

Still active though it looks as if she is cleaning it out is this – http://thefewtheproudthemojahideen.blogspot.com/  –  http://www.blogger.com/profile/09854973712264489263 

12-16-10 a post we did at our previous webpage gives a little more insite to the princess –  To JihadPrincessChannel’s Channel @ Google/YouTube

05-10-11 another postDedicated To YouTube user JihadPrincess And The Religion Of Peace – Word For Word As She Defines It….

Oh!  And did I say she didn’t like the Smackdown crew?  It is kind of an understatement.  She tried (unsuccessfully) to get this copycat site going.  Just didn’t seem to catch on – http://www.youtube.com/user/SmackdownOfTheDay  THANK YOU STARCMC – I forgot that one!

This post is getting a little long winded – though we have LOTS more.  Think I shall close with (for now) a piece of the Princess’ artwork – slightly (ahem) mutilated by OUR favorite artist we’ll just call “Flippin”.  Damn I luv you man!  🙂  And Mrs. Flippin too for her forever patience!

@JoeLieberman – We shall have a few words for you – soon.  Hope you don’t mind.

to be continued –


6 thoughts on “JihadPrincess Seems To Be In Hiding

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