Serial Killers At YouTube

OH America!  Are you EVER going to get angry enough to do something about this?  Yes, I say America – because Google/YouTube is an American company.  How many American lives, and lives of our allies will these serial killers cost? WHEN do we make enough noise to put a stop to this terrorist supporting BS!?!

The three screencaps in this post are the backgrounds of the users who are all one and the same person.  The video chosen – let me warn you – is full of mutilated, decapitated, half bodies and parts.  The user wants us to believe they are from the 101st Airborne Division.  CAUTION – view with CAUTION!

The number in parenthesis beside each user name (there are 16 users) is the number of videos each has posted.  Each of these accounts was uploaded to YouTube on 11/5/11 except for the final two which were uploaded 11/16/11.  Somehow – YouTube has not managed to take these videos/users down in two weeks……..


“Fatwa by Sheikh Nasir bin Hamad Al-Fahd: The U.S. has killed approximately 10 MILLION Muslims in recent decades, and thus according to the principle of retaliation in kind, ‘even if a bomb were dropped on (America) killing 10 million of them, and destroyed their land to the same degree that they destroyed Muslim lands, this would be permitted, without any need for any other proof.  We would need other proofs (only) if we wanted to kill more than this number.'”





PLEASE – PLEASE – view with CAUTION!!!

UPDATE – The first video is downed but I am going to post two more here – these are both beheadings – they look alike but have separate URL’s.  No way can these be allowed to stand!



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