Slaves of Allah – and the “slaves” of slaves

The Islamism/Sharia freight train continues barreling down the tracks.  A thought stream.

“Islam is the Master-Slave dynamic of the Middle East writ large into a religion, with Muslims viewing themselves as the slaves of Allah, and everyone else as their slaves.” Daniel Greenfield – Islam, the Religion of Slavery

“Slave” of the slaves of Allah

Martin Luther King, Jr. has to be rolling over in his grave.

“oil money is death money, and the world knows it, and yet does nothing” – Daniel Greenfield

“Slaves” – that is the intent – of the slaves of Allah

The Canadians will now sell the product intended to help America become independent of the “slavery” oil – to China.  And why shouldn’t they?

Slave of Allah – This just one of many channels associated with “Kill all Americans” – partnered with another “slave” of the slaves – Google/YouTube

There is hope as Muslims speak out and expose the “slavery” that is islam.

And as for me?  I’ll go down with the best of them.  F*** Islamism!  F*** Sharia! and F*** SLAVERY!


5 thoughts on “Slaves of Allah – and the “slaves” of slaves

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