Multiculturalism Today. Islamism Tomorrow?

PatriotUSA “don’t suffer no fools” in discussing the Calipornia court decision last week that upheld a principal’s decision to tell five students to either turn their American flag T-shirts inside out, or to go home.  You see, it was Cinco de Mayo and the Hispanic kids thought the American flags inappropriate.  The full read is below the fold, however, I can’t help but wonder if the Hispanics know they are the front runners for another group to come here and turn this country upside down?  Namely the islamists.  If they knew, do you think it would make any difference?

This is what multiculturalism has brought upon our nation

Posted byPatriotUSAat12:06 PM
This is a travesty beyond imagination. We have become so diversified, become so multicultural that being a Patriotic American is now being considered unconstitutional. That a handful of students were treated this way and a bunch of mexican students sniveled and whined about the white students wearing t-shirts with AMERICAN FLAGS on them on the mexican ‘holiday’ cinco de mayo day, is most repulsive to this American Patriot. That the Morgan Hill High School would treat white students this way is disgusting. How do you think American White students in Mexico would be treated if they paraded around a mexican high school campus with an American Flag on the 4th of July, say in Mexico City?
This is what excessive multiculturalism, excessive diversity and political correctness have brought to America. We wonder why our country is in trouble and at the base of all our ills is the tearing away of our foundations. A strong family led by a married couple, a MAN and a Woman, the teaching of morals and ethics in our schools, the teaching of the basics of education at the very beginning at the earliest ages, reading, writing, math and then moving into more advanced subjects. We have lost the majority of technical classes than ensure our children will know how to manufacture goods and produce services to help our country remain economically strong an ever competitive global economy. What has happened to wood, metal shop and the likes of automotive repair classes? They are gone or being cut. No wonder our children are lost, cannot read or write. Computer and technical skills are great but they will never duplicate what the human mind and a good pair of hands will be able to create. When our children learn to type on a keyboard exclusively and run computer programs at the expense of writing by hand or actually calling someone rather than texting, the damage to our children is deep and is just now starting to show up with kids who cannot converse to save themselves or pass a basic reading or writing class in high school.
Not only do you have the above issues but now add into this that our children are now raised not argue or if you get in a fight, turn your back and walk away. I am sorry, young boys sometimes need to fight it out and so do some girls. This has been totally killed in our schools and if a child defends him or herself, they are almost always the ones the ones that get in much worse trouble. My son knows how to defend himself and I have gone to his schools several times to defend his actions when he got in a fight or hassle. There was only a time or two he was responsible for starting it but you had better believe he knows how to defend himself and when push comes to shove, he is ready.
We raise our children that they can always be ‘winners’ and to be a loser or lose at something, no matter it is is wrong and must be avoided at all costs. My son quite soccer which he was incredibly good at it because the coaches refused to let the game be rough and tumble and at games neither team, even the one who lost was the loser and it was banned to call the losing team losers. In life there are winners and losers. We learn much more from our mistakes, losses, adversity than we do from being a bunch of whining winners all the time. This is rampant in our public schools today being taught from the earliest grades up through high school. It is being stealthily done but it is there. Homosexuality is now an acceptable lifestyle in kindergarten? Since when and why do five and six year old kids need to learn this. And we wonder what is wrong with our country. Yes, much of what is wrong is capsulized in Washington D. C. but look inside our homes for problems that I think are equally as bad and dangerous as what is going on in our nation’s capitol.
What we have witnessed in Morgan Hill is one of the end results that will do more damage to the White American Kids because of what this says to them. It is OK for mexcican students to parade about with a meixcan national flag on cinco de mayo in our country, the United States and not alright for a small group of white(Anglo as in the story below)students to take offense to this on their home country soil?This group of boys just wanted show their love of country and patriotism.
Add to this the wrongs being committed to the American people by too many illegal aliens in our country and a government that is too cowardly to enforce the rules that are already on the books because they are so paranoid about having enough votes to stay in office, pull in donations from unions(SEIU), La Raza, and other corrupt organization that basically hate the America I grew up in and with. When the well being and safety of mexican students is chosen over the rights of American white students, the system has committed a violation of the white students first amendment rights. When simply wearing an American flag in a public school warrants this type of knee jerk, liberal action from a school principal then he should be recalled from his position. There was no reason to send these kids home. Did a riot break out? No A fight? No. Just a bunch of mexicican kids who feel that can do whatever they want because they are entitled to all of this because we have given them everything since they were born here and most of their parents are probably here illegally.
The attorney representing the White kids is absolutely correct to appeal this and I hope he gets all the legal help he needs to take this all the way to Supreme Court if need be. There is much more at stake here in Morgan Hill than meets the eye. Those who are here in this country need to learn to respect the people who were long before their parents came here, many illegally. They need to learn to assimilate into American society and adapt to our uniquely American culture. No one is asking these mexican to give up their love of mexico or being mexican. It is about respect for Americans (the vast majority who are legal and were born here) and the country these mexicans now live in.
It is quite simple, If you do not love the United States with all it has that is good and all that is has that is far from perfect, then get the hell out. The Rio Grand is quite low in many places and you will hardly get wet in returning to your homeland, mexico.

One thought on “Multiculturalism Today. Islamism Tomorrow?

  1. I am VERY honored and quite humbled that you posted my post here. Thank you so very much and yes, it is islam and the muslims that follow this perverted cult of persecution and death that they hispanics, should be worried about.

    But no, if one does some digging about La Raza and reads Voz de Aztlan, one will quickly discover that these disgusting radical hispanic groups are often in line with, agree with and SUPPORT radical islamic groups and it’s cult of death, islam.

    As a miniority in any muslim country, hispanics would be hounded and murdered like all other minorities which have suffered under islam’s 1400 plus years of making mankind completely and totally miserable.

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