A Lecture to the Non-sharia Compliant Ummah

One of the greatest gifts God gave – choice.  A double-edged sword to be sure.

American born Omar Shafik Hammami now sports the handle of Abu Mansoor al-Amriki after converting to Islam.  From there he made a choice to follow the path of radical islamists (al-Shabaab) and today spends his time fighting the good fight.  Routine stuff – wandering the desert in search of invaders, kidnapping children, murdering others, dispensing punishment to those who have not sold their souls to the devil as he has.

The 27 year old Omar took a break here recently and made four videos lecturing the ummah based on his experiences since arriving in Somalia.  I’ve posted the four parts here but if you don’t want to watch/listen – the bottom line message to the ummah – get off your armchairjihad butts and get in the thick of it like he has!

It matters not a whit what I think of this lecture.  He could have spent 45 minutes singing Italian opera and the results would be the same, al-Amriki is a hero to islamists intent on removing every culture of every nation and replacing it with pure islamic existence and sharia law.

What DOES matter is that these videos are even on YouTube. Two
reasons.  They influence the wannabe’s and they are against the frickin law! 
 Executive Order 13224 – “effort to bring a halt to the evil of terrorist activity” prohibits one “To assist in, sponsor, or provide financial, material, or technological support for, or financial or other services to or in support of, acts of terrorism or individuals or entities designated in or under the Order”

Lessons Learned – Part 2   Lessons Learned – Part 3   Lessons Learned – Part 4

It is said we shall reap what we sow. Omar’s choices, Google/YouTube’s choices – I’m  thinking the day may come they wish they had taken other paths.

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