“JihadJane” Colleen LaRose and YouTube

New developments have come to light in the case of JihadJane.

The quick background is that she was a prolific poster regarding Islam and jihad at YouTube that members of YouTube Smackdown found, dogged, and had her suspended under multiple YouTube user names.  While most of us thought she was just a windbag, it turns out that she was actually interested being more than a keyboard vigilante.  She wanted to be a martyr. She, along with a bunch of her crew, were caught in Ireland before they were able to carry out their plan to assassinate Lars Vilks, a cartoonist that depicted Mohammed with a bomb on top of his head.

Irish journalist Mary Fitzgerald filled in a lot of missing details yesterday about the case after she obtained the 14-page indictment (definitely click that link and read – it’s fascinating!) against Ali Charaf Damache and Mohammed Hassan Khalid filed in US District Court.    Among other things, the indictment reveals that Colleen tried to raise funds to pay for violent jihad online — no surprise to those of us who knew her.  The images below are ones that we gathered back in June 2009 when she posted them to one of her many YouTube pages…(click the pictures for a clearer view of them.)


One of our group attempted to get more information, to find out if she was truly trying to raise funds and just where those funds would go.

She didn’t respond.  But now we do know that it was real.

How nice that YouTube provides the terrorists a forum to recruit.

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