The Koran “is a profoundly mediocre book.”

Islamism – Every comment section of every article, every video, has someone doing the moral equivalent thing – “yeah but the Christians” or “yeah but the Zionists” or yeah but yada yada.  This is all fine and dandy, knowing history is extremely important to an overall picture, but we need to be talking about the here, and about the now.

So much said or written will have a statement that is patently false and like anything, say it enough times and it becomes near universally accepted and sets the standard for a particular subject.  Example – Islam is the religion of peace.  Perhaps we can get Sam Harris’ line – (the Koran) “is a profoundly mediocre book” (video) – to become as verbally iconic?

What I am leading up to is – words influence, and, often enough they are just words, often not vetted.  But pictures?  Pictures are the frozen
in time here and now.  Follow mindlessly your guru – or – see for yourself.

This is an excerpt from Sam Harris’ book “The End of Faith.”  I suggest you turn off the audio and just look at the pictures.  They are horrific visuals, the frozen in time here and now of the so called religion of peace.  Listening to the audio after is worthwhile but there are
those who would peg Mr. Harris an islamophobe.  That’s fine.  What one cannot deny is the reality of the pictures.

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