Counterjihad Bloggers – Heads UP!

HUGE thank you 1389Blog for your support! – and thank you!!! for the warning below – this bears repeating as many times as possible!

Be careful about Google Plus!

The admins of 1389 Blog suggest that, if you do any counterjihad blogging, if you comment on counterjihad forums or blogs, or if you prefer to use a nom de plume, nom de guerre, or nickname instead of your real name online, that you do NOT sign up for Google Plus. Google currently forbids the use of pseudonyms or nicknames on Google Plus. If Google finds anything objectionable about your Google Plus account, they may decide to disable not only your Google Plus account, but also your Gmail account, your Google Blogger account, your YouTube account, and whatever else you have registered with Google. When you try to get it reinstated, they may become very intrusive indeed.”

Note – Our associate, FlippinTheRaya, was not “caught” by the above circumstance (see Jihad At Google) but  probably some variation as he WAS using Google Plus!
Common denominator of the two circumstances?  Reactivation of accounts requires
personal information be given to jihadi lovin Google!

Note to Google – We weren’t born yesterday traitor!

Note to BlazingCatFur – You have the most amazing followers!

Note to “old duffy logger” blogger – PatriotUSA – AMEN to everything you say – and LMAO @ “who cares and so what.”

2 thoughts on “Counterjihad Bloggers – Heads UP!

  1. Thanks for the warning and I do not use GP.

    When you are confident of your awesome abilities please be sure to let me know as i want to move PC at some point in the future.

  2. “When you are confident of your awesome abilities”
    SNARK! LOL – oh SNARK again! It might be (ahem) a little while. 🙂

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