There Will Always Be New Paths

for some – not all.  Thus you find YouTube Smackdown in a new home sans the cry of “YouTube WTF are you doing!”
And then there is Google which hasn’t traveled far since our first open letter inquiry of them on August 10, 2007.  They continue the egregious act of supporting terrorism to
this day at YouTube.
Why did we ever think they would take responsibility for the evil that had entered their grounds by shutting the doors firmly in the face of those intent on destroying our way of life? Early on we thought maybe they would want to claim some moral high ground in leading the fight in this long war. That hasn’t proven to be the case.
We have managed to transfer over three hundred posts from QuothTheRaven blogspot to this site as we don’t trust that Google won’t just pull the plug on us taking all of our records with them.  Records that one day may be of concern should anyone ever attempt to hold them accountable for their treason.
We will maintain a playlist of terrorist supporting videos here for those like us who wish to stay on top of what Google is doing, or more likely, not doing, but there will be no more coordinated efforts to remove the videos and SDCorps will instead focus on shining the light on Islamism’s path to khalifah.
Those of you who wish to flag the playlist – be our guest.  It isn’t possible for most folks not to hate these videos to the depths of our souls – – YouTube Islamist Hall of Shame.

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