Just caught this while re-reading a month old link by Rusty @ Jawa – what YouTube must do about their “little problem” of supporting terrorists.  It has links about a Google summit on keeping extremism out of social media.

The woman wraps up (emphasis mine) –
“As somebody who attended the summit, I can say first hand that the emotions and enthusiasm at the conference were powerful enough to overcome many of the obstacles. Former extremists across the spectrum identified with each other in a way I never thought possible – one highlight of the conference was when a former gang member from LA taught a former Muslim extremist a new handshake.

That must have been the most worthless conference ever held. Folks, out of sheer frustration I am going to keep a playlist of videos up for flagging should you be so inclined. The f’n jihadi rats just keep multiplying – it is a sin.

(psssssst – THANKS flippin!)
 would love that babe – not an islamophobe but no threat there. EVER!


This whole subject just leaves me –

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