Terrorphobic Central

Heaven forbid Smackdown be accused of Islamophobia! That such a idea even exists in some minds, well, you see what you want to see, you hear what you want to hear.
SultanKnish wrote about Maskophobia, Murderphobia, Bombphobia, Boxcutterphobia, IslamoRapephobia, IslamoPedophobia, Cartoonphobia, StrandedByBigotedIslamoCabbiesphobia, and Kristallnachtphobia! After all that, he left out one I shall proclaim exists right here in River City – and that is Terrorphoebia!
We shant claim an irrational fear of terrorism but clearly we do tend to have a strong aversion to terrorists and terrorism.
Like these – 

And one wonders – is Google/YouTube Islamophobic?

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