there is no land of the free –


Without those willing to pay the price of freedom.

We have been in the debt of our military for 235 years, and one way for you and me to pay back those warriors is –
Project Valour-It – learn more 
PLEASE – whatever you can
learn more“>learn more

NOW – if you be so inclined as to want to donate to Team Army you can click here to do so! See, there is this little competition going between the four branches – and one of the others is kickin our butt right now, kinda, well, only sorta. Rest assured all money raised goes into one place – but Team Army wouldn’t mind out raising the other three!

AND – if you want to be part of Team Army – volunteers sign up here!


“So with that I say thank you, to the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines, for preserving my right to live a diverse life and for paying the ultimate price for me to be, free.”


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