Best Dressed Terrorists in TerroristVille @ Google/YouTube

It is really pathetic that the gays of this world don’t GET it that Islam does not heart pretty boys. Regardless, it seems there is this loyal HezLover who was having a hissy fit because some folks accused Hezbollah of not having proper designer uniforms in order to be a “real” army, so the HezLobbiests went to work on HezLovingIran and asked for a permanent allowance for HezClothes and the little HezElves went to work and designed lots and lots of uniforms for the HezCake photos below.
Now it seems to me some of these guys may no longer be seeing the light of day (see group four) thanks to HezLovers outting their asses but hey, you know what they say about playing with fire.

Ask me I think these look like something out of a High School Year Book but – whatEVuh!

Preteen HezCostumes first –
HezAccessories, HezGear, HezMakeup
HezParadeBoys –
Hez(I wouldn’t wannna be them)CheeseCake –

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