How to make rockets, shaped charges, detonators, IED’s – your one stop classroom right here at Google/YouTube.

Another example of Google/YouTube’s negligence in allowing one user with multiple user names (in this case 5) to post extreme (a total of 91) videos.  Such an inspiration (to radical islam) you are JihadTube!

We need to be very clear here.  We are not going to post these user names or the URL’s associated with them.  We don’t want the user to run, or to hide his videos, and we especially don’t want them  brought to the attention of every jihad POS out there.  The videos are being “covertly” prosecuted.

The videos show massive explosions and imply that they are the actual results one will get from making IED’s and rockets from their complete step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and computer animations.  Including, how and where to place them.  Name your target of choice.  Subways, buildings, all are game.  So complete you can’t miss. 

First user.  This video was downloaded April 12th and has 219 views.  IED – Start @ 4:15
Second user.  Downloaded April 16th and has 239 views.  Very detailed instructions @ 5:58
Third user. Downloaded April 16th, has 341 views.  Paraphanelia assembled @ 2:25
Fourth user.  Downloaded April 16th, 303 views.  @ 9:43 detail, shaped charge
Fifth user.  Downloaded March 31st.  It has 872 views.  @ 0:50 rocket making
Any little jihad wannabe can join the ranks of the big boys with the help of these videos.
We are withholding all information regarding the child’s account for the child’s safety.
This post was was co-written with Flippin who also alerted QTR to these users in the first place!  HUGE thanks Flippin!


3 thoughts on “How to make rockets, shaped charges, detonators, IED’s – your one stop classroom right here at Google/YouTube.

  1. I was in the military. There are military handbooks accessible to public. How to make bombs from common items. We must teach people. There is no logic in killing innocent people. Go to the source and don’t be a coward.

    • Logic depends on where one is coming from. For government it amounts to people control/fear.
      The videos I took those screenshots from were from terrorist videos and were later used, or some very similar, in the on-line magazine Inspire which the media now 3/4 years after it’s beginning is just now talking about.

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