Another little YouTube ehadi problem (UPDATED and BUMPED)(UPDATED AGAIN)

UPDATED AGAIN: Four out of five, toast.   But, why not five out of five?  YouTube missed an opportunity to pony up and take this seriously. 

UPDATE: We can count one down and add two to the list.  Here is the updated list: April 9th

Here we have a user with 4 accounts with the dates they were opened: Feb 24th April 5th April 8th April 9th

Here are 16 more of his/her accounts that have been previously suspended.  The numbers next to the name are videos uploaded.
str1v1n2martyrd0m (143) UPDATE
strive2martyrdom (116)
strives2martyrd0m (13)
striving2martyrd0m (298)
striving2martyrdom (10)
str1ve2martyrd0m (17)
str1ves2martyrd0m (39)
str1ving2martyrd0m (26)
strive4martyrd0m (286)
striving4martyrdom (222)
str1ve4martyrdom (117)
str1ve4martyrd0m (214)
strives4martyrdom (184)
str1ving4martyrd0m  (2)
str1ving4martyrdom (61)
strive4shuhadah (54)
strive4shuhadaah (110)

Here is the thing:
According to the YouTube TOS, “An individual whose account has been terminated is prohibited from accessing, possessing or creating any other YouTube account“. Really?  How does YouTube enforce that policy?
Unfortunately, there is no easy way to report this user for having multiple accounts.  The previous suspensions were due to repeated flagging efforts. A lot of effort. By allowing these accounts to remain for any length of time, YouTube only encourages this user to continue to open new accounts.

One last point needs to be made.  This user  is obviously committed to martyrdom. I hope someone from the FBI is watching him at least.

Is it really a concern? 
I am sure many of you will recognize this repeat offender:

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