Google/YouTube Sellin The Simpleton’s a Bridge

Ok. Fine. I admit to being obsessed with Google/YouTube’s excuses for not taking down terrorist videos. My favorite/jaw dropping example –

“The system has prevented YouTube from succumbing to the otherwise inevitable flood of pornography, which is directed to reviewers by software that scans uploaded videos for flesh tones.”

Can’t you just see Victoria Grand leaving the room after having made that statement, closing the door behind her and collapsing into hysterical laughter knowing the media will repeat her line ad nauseam fully expecting the simpleton’s to buy it.

We boobs are to believe what? Certain flesh tones produce more pornography than others? Is there perhaps some profiling going on here? Pardon me for highlighting the absurd.

Well, right backatcha Victoria. How about developing some software for detecting jihadi videos based on dark flesh tones and audio with shouts of allahu akbar in the background or even allahu akbar in the text? You’ve already got the successful prototype, adding sound shouldn’t be so hard to do for the worlds greatest search engine.

I would like to point out a couple of things of importance in the video’s below. Four of the five have allahu akbar in the title. Two have been around since 2008 just gathering views and influencing folks not so loving of the free world. Between the five videos – there have been over 410,000 views.

Rusty @ Jawa –

8,040 results!  Enough said???

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