Another Little ehadi problem at YouTube

Here is another previously flagged video. Beyond the as-sahab logo in the bottom right corner (a dead give away for an alqada video BTW – as-sahab is one of the official media wings of alqada), you should see the more info section for the video. It is chock full of links to known jihadist websites.

Let’s put all that aside. This YouTube islamist HerosDocument has had at least 9 videos removed already for supporting terrorism. Doesn’t there come a time when an ejadi is an ejadi and Google should just suspend them?

One thought on “Another Little ehadi problem at YouTube

  1. At least one small piece of encouragement – there must be a LOT of us out here using your wonderful 'one day at a time' approach, as some days I follow the link and find that the vid has already been pulled.
    Keep up the great work.

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