Radicalizing Home Grown Terrorists for Dummies – by Google/YouTube

Yes, Google via YouTube wrote the book and it is a runaway best seller. Hell, what’s not to like if you are a budding potential terrorist with chapters covering ied’s, beheadings, sniper, jihad, apostate, crusader, bin laden, kafir, martyr, suicide bomber, apostate, muslim brotherhood, sharia, caliphate. Plenty of inspiring reading/viewing.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano seems to feel that America has a problem with the “emergence of homegrown radicals” and that the threat against us “continues to evolve.” Now what could that possibly mean? Here? In America? Wannabe’s are being influenced to come to jihad? By what? Who?

Stable Hand at Jawa has a theory about one source. Earlier this week SH wrote – “As long as Google/YouTube ignores Awlaki/Taliban/alQaeda/Hamas/mujahideen/nasheeds etc videos on YouTube, except when the heat is on, more and more may become radicalized.” Perhaps these screencaps taken today validate her position.

These six ‘chapters’ total over 35,000 results.  Just sayin.

Google/YouTube actually admits there is a problem but they just don’t have the technology to stem the flow of jihadist materials that they “allow” to be uploaded.   “Eric Schmidt, the chief executive of Google, said that the company was ‘adding people to do reviews of videos’ as it is very hard algorithmically to monitor inappropriate comment.” Comment? The word obfuscation comes to mind. Perhaps a search term in user names, like maybe – Awlaki?

And then there is the matter of free speech afforded to even those who have a bounty on their heads put there by our present government.

Victoria Grand, a YouTube spokesperson, said that Google, YouTube’s owner, sought to balance freedom of expression with averting calls to violence. “These are difficult issues,” she wrote, “and material that is brought to our attention is reviewed carefully. We will continue to remove all content that incites violence according to our policies. Material of a purely religious nature will remain on the site.”

Em hem. Like the Awlaki video above. Notice part of the title – Do Not Ever Trust Al-Kuffar. More appropriate might have been had it been titled – Do Not Ever Trust Al-Kuffar, unless it’s Google/YouTube.

2 thoughts on “Radicalizing Home Grown Terrorists for Dummies – by Google/YouTube

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