Whasss up G/YT?     Taliban videos are disappearing, again, in large numbers… 69,000ish gone since my last update here on 1/29 – that was when there were 127,000 taliban videos.
Of course the 69,000+ is nothing compared to the 113,000 you made disappear in December, only to reinstall in January for your jihad buds and the rest of the world to see.

So what is it, really, we want to know?
Heats on again?
One of you lose a friend or loved one to the taliban possibly?
Algorithm practice???
Someone knocking on your conscience door (like your attorneys suggesting maybe it’s time to review Executive Orders 13224 and 12947.)
You got tired of looking like some mutation of Westboro Baptist?
Hell we could guess till forever and bottom line it probably just comes down to some of your advertisers getting pissed.

My question is – are the videos going to be reinstated here in a couple of days like they did in January when you think folks aren’t watching?

Your pathetic.
Get the God damned things off, you obviously can do it! And keep them then off if you have any morals or conscience whatsoever! Then, maybe then you can legitimately strip yourself of your old motto – Don’t Be Evil.

A review – Taliban videos per
12/03 – 117,000
12/15 – 119,000
12/29 –     6,470
01/08 – 124,000
01/18 – 125,000
01/29 – 127,000
02/05 –   57,600

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