Moral Inversion Alert: YouTube Shuts Down Palestinian Media Watch Account

UPDATE: In a surreal move, Google/YouTube have now given the reasons for PMW’s account termination as ‘hate speech’. Are these people INSANE? PMW rebroadcasts the hate speech from the PA and Hamas! What they are doing is most definitely ANTI-hate speech. What an astounding example of stupidity, wilful ignorance and moral cowardice.

More here @ JAWA – JihadTube Strikes Again: Pali Media Watch Gone 

Folks – it’s time, it is way past time to take on the belly fire of Shadowman who posted a comment at JAWA

“Right, this has spurred me into action.
I have just written a scathing (but polite) email to YouTube, asking that the reinstate the PMW channel.
It is ***UTTER HYPOCRISY*** that they can continue to host **tens of thouisands** of jihadi videos, and yet PMW’s exposing of brainwashing and hatred gets “pulled” by them. WAKE THE FUCK UP, YOUTUBE…..”

OK – here are some tools.  With enough of us in the face of Google/YouTube we just might help get Palwatch reinstated! PLEASE keep up the pressure until this account comes back on line!

Google/YouTube Facebook page

Twitter pages – I think all of these look like good prospects to @
And in particular @hunterwalk

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