December 3rd there was the question (possibility) that the taliban were (would be) going elsewhere for their self-promoting jihad videos since Google/YouTube was getting out of the terrorist-video-promoting business. There had been no credible evidence to that claim based on what we saw on a daily basis on YouTube, and so we documented the number of videos in three categories, showing just how many actually were available that date.

We thought it would be interesting to check on Google/YouTube’s progress in preventing those uploads – the results are below. I surely do hope they have stopped all the chest beating. We find it completely nauseating.

Taliban – videos available 12/3 – 117,000
12/15 * 119,000

Mujahideen – videos available 12/3 – 11,400
12/15 * 11,600

Awlaki – videos available 12/3 – 5,690 
12/15 * 5840

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