No Rusty – There Is No Santa Claus @ Google/YouTube

I have a little friend who expresses a foul mood in a most creative way via her friend crabeeeeee who goes skittering around all over the place click click clicking her claws, and if you listen closely you hear “grumble grumble grumble grumble.”

She so perfectly expresses my feelings about Google’s YouTube terrorist videos that are supposedly being removed. Well, maybe it’s only Awlaki videos to be removed. But it just AIN’T happenin Rusty, there is NO Santa at JihadTube!

The articles that burned thru the media/internet lauding Google’s intent to take down this trash when our very good allies the British complained, were plain ol laughable.  The line that fried my butt every single time – A simple search on Awlaki’s name by the Guardian turned up a number of videos on the site.”  A number???!!!  Try 5,690 just today!

Do your damn homework media before you mouth off with such total ignorance please!
And while your at it, you might try a “simple search” for mujahideen (11,400 today) or how about taliban (117,000 today) – you won’t come up empty handed!

For anyone to get the idea Google/YouTube is turning away business/terrorist videos, that is just a joke!

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