YouTube – purveyor of fine jihadi videos. One can’t help but wonder where the battle for cyberspace against Muslim extremists would be today had they not had the support of YouTube. 11/16/10

11/24 WHAT Were You Thinking Google/YouTube!?!
Forget ethics, forget security, forget our soldiers and our tremendous allies, forget all the families and loved ones and friends involved.  I HATE when a lightbulb moment comes that should have illuminated months and months ago.  I HATE thinking an American company could put $$$ ahead of any of the above.  It is too cold, callous, calculated to believe.  What was the “don’t be evil” motto other than a distraction.

I think of all the videos that were clear TOU violations that didn’t come down.  All the users with three or more videos that were not suspended.  Had I a lot of time on my hands I would go back and check to see just how many of those were revenue enhancers for Google/YouTube.  But there isn’t time and I no longer have the interest….it is all krystal klear now.

It’s all about the $$$ isn’t it Google/YouTube?

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YouTube Hall of Shame – 11/24/10

YouTube Hall of Shame accumulated beginning 11/16/10

11/23 Is it Too Damn Much To Ask – Reference Google/YouTube –

What’s with the media being afraid to use the word thousands?
They are going to drive me to drink and do no one any favors by understating the problem!

Yesterday’s example – in their article – Terrorist Groups Using YouTube to Distribute Propaganda says “A simple search for prominent Al-Qaeda member Anwar al-Awlaki on YouTube will reveal dozens of video clips.”

Dozens. They all say dozens!

How about the word Awlaki for a simple search!
You get thousands folks!

This “simple search” came up with 5,600!
FOLLOW the frick-frackin $$$$$!
And FlippinTheRaya! has a “special” take on Google/YouTube ads!!

YouTube Hall of Shame – 11/23/10
YouTube Hall of Shame accumulated beginning 11/16/10

11-22 DREAM ON SUCKUH’S – Google/YouTube Does Not GAS (as in give a shit!)

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YouTube Hall of Shame – 11/22/10
YouTube Hall of Shame accumulated beginning 11/16/10

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