11-21 Porno X-nay – Jihad OK (Unconscionable)

“Not guided or controlled by conscience.”

YouTube Hall of Shame – 11/21/10
YouTube Hall of Shame accumulated beginning 11/16/10

11-20 Porno X-nay – Jihad OK

Let’s just call a spade a spade shall we? Google/YouTube wants jihadists like Nidal Hassan to be able to find whatever it is they are looking for on their something for everyone YouTube site. Hunter Walk, YouTube Product Manager, explains on this video @ 4:21 – “We want to make it easier for you to come up with the right query.”

But wait just a darn minute! The CEO of Google committed to removing Awlaki videos that promote violence and hate, all violence & hate for that matter, and they hired a bunch of new staff to do that very thing. So there shouldn’t be any jihadi BS left on YouTube with that sparkly new search feature, right? And yet, they are still there.

So…is it that the product just doesn’t work, or is it that Google really isn’t all that committed?
My guess – as before – follow the $$$$$$$ @ JAWA.

11-19 Followin the $$$$$
Google AdSense Suspends Another Conservative Site
Mean KittehThis just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Will all the conservative anti terror blogs please stand up and say if you have been canceled by AdSense or not?
The Deacon of the Church of the AnteaterIs this in reaction to punking out YouTube? eerrr Jihadtube?
1) Sites point on the pro Jihad videos on YouTube
2) YouTube is owned by Google
3) Google owns Adsence
4) Adsense ends the accounds of those sites who were involved in step 1
I’m just saying… there is more than a causal relationship there

11-18 Pardon me while I laugh.
Andrew Breitbart’s BIG PEACE had a post yesterday – the first sentence –
“Fear not: radical Islam on the Internet is still alive and well.”
Well, no shit Sherlock.
It only took about ten days for Google/YouTube to revert to their old ways of tough talk one day, business as usual (allowing terrorist videos) the minute they think the heat is off.

Jawa turned the heat up to blast furnace levels yesterday also. Truly a must read of exposure & dots being connected all over the place.

Let’s not take the heat off folks. Read Breitbart’s article. Read Jawa’s piece. Comment. Write your congressmen. Do something! Believe me, your voice is important!

11-17  MORE Google/YouTube PAWNS! spreading the word of the awesome-awesomeness of G/YT! PAWNS PAWNS PAWNS!  The subject? YouTube hired more staff to tackle AQ hate videos!

Wow! Let’s see if I have this right. They have computers capable of uploading 35 HOURS of videos PER MINUTE but their “algorithm-driven detection” software (big words spelling FAIL! YouTube!) is not capable by itself of finding terrorist videos. Hell yeah! Let a human do a computer’s job!

I ask you, is there something wrong with this picture?

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