Unlike Google – FlippinTheRaya is Willing to Call Mohammad’s Black Banner EVIL!

“Don’t be evil” was Google’s corporate motto in 2004. When we began the YouTube Smackdown project in July of 2007 we had hopes that that motto would hold true in facilitating our goals of removing jihadist videos from the YouTube servers. Granted the motto was all about image but they said they wanted to “do good things for the world” so we had hopes that would be the standard in all the things they did. Unfortunately, however, in 2009 Google dropped that motto blathering something about not having an “evil meter.”

I can’t help but wonder three years later where the battle for cyberspace against Muslim extremists would be today had they not had the support of YouTube. The terrorists use YouTube’s free video hosting to house jihadi videos which are not only visible to the viewers at YouTube, but are also embedded on various terrorist websites. In a famous dissertation, internet jihadis are admonished to learn how to exploit these services for the furtherance of the terrorist agenda. Epic! FAIL! Google!

Our YouTube cyberspace battle against the hirabist, khalifah, jihadi, and their propaganda spreading sites has followed them into all the other social media networks which they now infect. Fortunately awareness is spreading across national boundaries.

Recently a new team based in Canada has begun to speak out and has joined with SDC to help shed light on the international realities of the cyberjihad. FlippinTheRaya is dedicated to exposing the insidiousness that is the hate and determination (sharia) of jihad, and as such we welcome them into the ranks of the YouTube Smackdown crew.

The stated purpose behind FlippinTheRaya’s efforts is – “to seek out and expose the violent ideology surrounding the use of Mohammad’s Black War flag.”
StarCMC posted at her blog – “The owners of this site have come up with an ingenious idea – take the Al Qaeda battle flag (aka “The Raya”) and flip it horizontally, which is the internet equivalent of capturing their flag.”

Please add these folks to your lists of those involved in the anti-jihad resistance. We must continually educate ourselves on the subject of Islamic militancy and FlippinTheRaya’s unique perspective is well worth following.

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