1. This is just too good! First, Bill Whittle publishes an article on NRO and now we get free advertising from some japanese moonbat. Thanks Andrea for copying that before it went down.Banging on the Happy Rock!Svin

  2. Bill Whittle – guess feed from his own site doesn’t do any good there. Thanks for the heads up Svin..going there next!As far as thanks for the copy – bestow upon GnatMasterson first for the find and Celebrimbor for the quick save. What a group! Hey Basil – I’d recognize your BWAHAHAHAHA anywhere. You liked?Now. The question becomes – what do we do with it that benefits our project aside from just enjoying the heck out of it?

  3. Some days, life is just too good. Isn’t it funny how all the big bad hirabist wannabe’s are nothing but whiny crybabies? LOL!

  4. Now. The question becomes – what do we do with it that benefits our project aside from just enjoying the heck out of it?Maybe produce a video of your own ? A countering the Cyber jihad ,propaganda style video? get everyone to post it ,it could be funny,yet serious! just a thought !

  5. #1 infidel! We know you can write – we know you love music – can you make films? If so, your hired!!! Pay unfortunately like with any blog is non-existent.It’s a good idea!And/or maybe Svin or Basil are still in touch with DaddyQuatro who definitely has the know how!

  6. Hey Andrea – is there any possibility of putting a listing of videos we should be flagging more prominently? I can never find those – only ones already smacked.

  7. Bruce – Yesterday/today I just have up 9/11 videos. Was reluctant to take them down today.Tomorrow – we start again and I will make sure to take those smacked down off the list on a more timely basis.Thank you!

  8. #1 infidelJust carrying our logo on your blogs is real important. Thank you for that!Your new spot at Jawa – whenever you write, folks go to your site/sand again see your support.Important – so important.And ideas – we’ll take them – this group is nothing if not creative.THANK you!

  9. L.A.Of course! Here we’ve been scratching our heads trying to figure out who could do this and you are in our own back yard – bit DUH!!!Can’t wait!

  10. Thanks, Andrea. I have the Smackdown logon on my blog and flag at least a half dozen almost every day myself, but I can never seem to find your current list of targets!BruceCurmudgeons Corner Blog

  11. Bruce!!First – thank you for the leads – am replying via PM!Thank you for posting our logo!!!That is so important to what we are doing! I spotted your site some time ago and posted your blog at http://smackdowncorps.org/supporters.html but forgot to do so at QTR and SIT! Too many pots going at one time is the only excuse I have! That is now taken care of.With regard to finding current list – here at QTR – just look to the right on the front page – there is a group for smacking called Hate America Clowns, then the hirabist are right under that under “September Hirabist Smackdown!Thank you for all you do Bruce – it is really appreciated!

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