Another Great Month, but Something Stinks

So, another amazing month for July. We had 34 more suspensions and removed a total of


harabist, islamo-fascist, terrorist supporting, propaganda videos from YouTube. We hit a snag, though, halfway through the month. When you look at the list, note the dates for the top 6 suspensions. Since July 16th only six. What’s up with that? Are the reviewers over at YouTube on strike? If so, they better get back to work before all that garbage starts to really stink up the place.

Personally I think we were rapidly closing in on our quota of suspensions, so they slowed the trend. Why a quota? Well, since they know the government is paying a little attention, they want to appear to be doing something about the terrorists they are providing support to. They can’t be seen as stifling free speech, though. Hey, it’s the terrorists right to call for violent jihad and promote hatred and violence. Never mind, they use this stuff to recruit impressionable youth to murder innocent civilians. How would it look if 56 islamo-fascists were suspended? The ACLU would have had a fit. So they let us suspended a few to appear to be allowing their “users to enforce its community standards”.

It is the acceleration of a trend we have been seeing for a while. There is a growing list of users who have lost more than three videos for promoting hatred and violence, who are still out there glorifying terrorism and calling for violent jihad despite YT’s own 3 strikes and your suspended rule! So much for rules. So much for integrity!

We are a victim of our own success. No matter. We fight on! Lan astaslem!

If by chance you live in Connecticut, I am sure Senator Lieberman would find it interesting to know how well YouTube is allowing its community to help enforce its standards. Maybe he can get the answers to our questions YouTube is refusing to hear.

For more head over to Star’s great August YouTube SMACKDOWN FreeRebulic thread.

user name, date listed, (# of vids), date suspended

ISLAMTHUNDER 7/27 (15) 7/28
virtualresistance 7/20 (6) 7/23
Hamsawiy4 7/22 (96) 7/22
SANGARMUJAHID 7/18 (50) 7/21
lraqSadaALlSLAM 7/14 (16) 7/19
Restquote 7/18 (25) 7/18

stargmo20 7/14 (21) 7/15
suckusa123 7/12 (6) 7/14
rafdean 7/1 (48) 7/14
khomayne 7/8 (93) 7/14
AbuUsamaElSwede1 7/12 (7) 7/12
djabirdjan 7/11 (14) 7/12
103tv 7/11 (21) 7/12
dallkkk 7/10 (25) 7/10
hishamz333 6/10 (8) 7/9
alqatranee (12) 7/9
shikaky 7/6 (67) 7/9
ba2345a2s3 7/9 (17) 7/9
halcon03422 (26)
asdamr0000001 7/6 (154) 7/7
Velesmystic 7/7 (5) 7/7
0857430305 6/17 (9) 7/6
imadmognieh2 7/3 (85) 7/5
sayyednasrollah 7/3 (84) 7/5
halcon0342 7/3 (20) 7/3
artyirurt098 6/17 (124) 7/2
ann1y 6/8 (6) 7/2
karrdo 6/16 (10) 7/2
AnsarTube 6/24 (27) 7/1
knivzta93 4/26 (40) 7/1
WarisThis 6/9 (23) 7/1
jihad4all 6/12 (14) 7/1
haiderqasim 6/10 (17) 7/1
WarriorsOfIslam 6/28 (43) 7/1

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