By Allah! First the tooth Fairy leaves me a knock-off Rolex that is so cheap it does not even have a dial, and now some crazy infidels get me thrown off of You-Tube. Whats next? Crusaders start handing out Christian coins? By the fleas of my fathers, it is getting harder and harder to be this stupid and not get blown up.

Death to those Smackdown American peoples. Don’t they know about the first amendment. Don’t they know that it only applies to us mooselimbs. It is enough to make one stop beating his wives. I go back to cave now. Talk to camel. Maybe bring some flowers. Get Lucky.

Ooohhh beautifuulll camelll….

Four legs are so nice….

My cave is my castle…

Your hot breath is like spice…

Gotta go Puke now.


8 thoughts on “SMACKDOWN SUCCESS

  1. instinct – crack up of a line. I think you should use google translate and translate to Arabic and leave for comments on videos!

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