Marine Corporal Jesse Mills
Although I am not related to this young gentleman I am proud to count him as a friend and comerade. He will be deploying to Iraq in the fall. May god have mercy on the heathens, for Corporal Mills and his brothers in arms surely shall not. Jesse, and thousands of others like him are the reason and purpose of the Smackdown. I suspect that many of you may know someone like him. He is a typical young American, which is to say, that he is remarkable. The best and brightest of his generation have stepped forward to voluntarily defend their country against a savage and barbaric enemy. We owe them a debt that we may never repay.
Jesse grew up in Mt.Airy Md. a few blocks from where my wife and I lived at the time. I met his father through our association with the local shooting club. I watched as Jesse and his brothers grew into young men, a process that is still ongoing. His older brother Michael Jr. served two tours in Korea and a third in Iraq. His younger brother Richard will soon graduate from Fork Union Military Academy with an impressive scholastic record. His mother Claire works full time in the O.R. of a large local hospital and his father owns and operates his own private detective agency. Did I say remarkable? Perhaps it is not so remarkable that the fertile ground of a free country should bear such fruit. I firmly believe that, in this day and age, only America is capable of producing this kind of citizen-soldier.
That is the reason that I hate the Jihadists. That is why the Smackdown is so important. I don’t have to tell you what Corporal Mills thinks of the youtube vermin that we confront every day. The contrast between this purposeful young Marine and and his rabid and hate-filled protagonists could not be more vivid. It is this comparison, more than any other, that judges the worth of a civilization. Because of Corporal Mills and others like him, America will endure and prosper. Those caricatures of society that only produce hatred and violence will be ground into the dust by the implacable juggernaut of history.
God Save the Republic!
Svin Out

2 thoughts on “OORAH!

  1. The Marine Corporal Jesse Mills’ of this country – what they are willing to do for America and others – what they and their families give – they humble me and I will be forever in their debt.God bless you and keep you.

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