April was a ca-razy month!

New keyboard warriors joined us to help with the Smackdown/SIT projects and I have to say, the “get right to it – gonna take care of business” mentality is heartwarming, and, a total blast!
They reflect that pay-it-forward attitude Americans have when it comes to watching the backs of our military, as the military watches ours.

If anyone else wants to join the fray of posting videos to your own sites – just let us know. I will happily add you to the daily list of five videos that goes out for Smackdown!
If you would like to post just one a day, I’ll add you to the “jihadi SMACKDOWN of the day” list.
It’s easy, and it makes one feel “useful” in this cyber-GWOT!

Celebrimbor GotWarPorn? (“why yes! yes we do!”) is posting videos regularly at his site as well as keeping videos posted and conversation going at jihadChatStarCMC has started a very active thread at FreeRepublic and let me tell you – they are the greatest!

WELCOME and THANK YOU! Cyber Warriors all! We are so grateful to each and every one of you.

The Smackdown Corps is growing!

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